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Let’s Celebrate This Month Dedicated to Women

19 March 2009 One Comment

Alaha Ahrar

Alaha Ahrar

Let’s celebrate during this month dedicated to women. Women are the potential of a society. Women are those who provide us with peaceful lives in our homes. It is women whose hearts are full of love, peace, and forgiveness. Women face lots of challenges but with determination, strength, and total confidence they cope with all obstacles and try to provide their families and societies with a beautiful tomorrow.

Women have been the major inspiration and the most important guide to each and every member of society. Women are not weak; women are the beginning of the change, and they can change the world.

Peace X Peace women taught me leadership. Since working with Peace X Peace I realized how much my people trust me, especially the women. They were coming to my door and sharing their problems with me, and they were telling me, “Alaha, please let Peace X Peace know about our problems and tell them about the need for education for Afghan women. Peace X Peace is an office for women and it connects women around the world.”

Peace X Peace staff encouraged me to go to women’s gatherings and spread their message, which was helping, supporting, encouraging, and educating women. I found out that most Afghan women suffer from lack of education. The majority of Afghan women aspire to be educated to teach their children and to help their husbands. But some of the women who were older felt it was not the right time for them to study. They were hoping their daughters could be educated so they will not face the same problems they were facing. They were saying, “We need schools where our children will be able to go and study. If we couldn’t study, that doesn’t mean it was our desire. Now we will not allow our children to remain illiterate.”

This was the time that I discovered how courageous I am. I realized that I have the potential of educating Afghan women. Being an Afghan I knew that Afghan women gather at women’s public bath houses, Afghan women’s bakeries, girls’ high schools. I went there and many other places to encourage them to get education. After listening to each and every Afghan woman’s problems and analyzing them, I reached this point: If women are educated, then they will have a better environment, because educated mothers will have educated children who will lead the nation.

I didn’t know about all those things before working with Peace X Peace. When I started working with Peace X Peace I learned lots of things. Since then, most of the women got to know me and they called me “Peace Woman”(Zan-e Solh wa Aashti). I was not only talking to educated women but also to uneducated women, and I discovered how interested they are in becoming educated and learning to read and write.

Therefore, I am happy. I love my Peace X Peace office and all its respected staff.

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One Comments to “Let’s Celebrate This Month Dedicated to Women”
  1. Munawara says:

    I am writing a paper, was looking everywhere, but I could not find any thing as profound, informative and spefic to this topic as this one. Thanks peace x peace rais women’s voices, build culture of peace. This is what I want. I will cite you.

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