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Ask a child what peace means to them.

1 June 2009 4 Comments

Level: Community—Peace Principle: Non-violence

This week’s featured story came in from Hendersonville, NC, USA:

This is what my 5 year old niece had to say about peace:

“Peace is having enough dolls that I don’t have to share with my little sister, cause when she plays will my dolls she messes up their hair and then she wants to use my brush to fix it but she doesn’t fix it right.  Peace is when Mommy and Daddy don’t fight about money and that I can buy dolls for my sister so we each have our own.  I know I am supposed to share, but it’s better if we each play with the ones we like.”

From her I learned that economic stability effects everyone in the family, that not having resources can impact a child’s happiness and understanding of the world, even at such an insignificant level as material objects.

-Ruthie Nadler, Hendersonville, NC, USA

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4 Comments to “Ask a child what peace means to them.”
  1. Liora says:

    Thanks Ruthie for sharing, your niece sounds sweet. My brother is 16 and although he would cringe if I called him a child, here is what he had to say:

    “The short answer: A utopia= nobody fighting. Of course there would be fighting but no major conflicts. Everyone would get a long and be allowed to be different.

    There would be certain guidelines that would keep you from going against the uptopia, but everyone would be allowed to prosper and continue to grow while the utopia functioned. Almost communist in nature but people would still have their individual status and keep getting along.”

    I also asked him what peace would look like in his life. Here is his response: “We would always remember the directions to get to where we are going so we wouldn’t fight and argue about how to get from Point A to Point B.

    Peace is everyone being allowed to continually grow and prosper. And having all my dreams come true.”

    Wise words from a young man. I even asked him if he read Brave New World in school this year. He said no, but I recommended the classic for his summer reading. My brother makes me smile. :)

    -Liora Herman, Washington, DC, USA

  2. Mary Liepold says:

    My grand-daughter in Hawaii wrote a poem about what peace means to her. It won second place in a peace essay contest for children in charter schools.

    I love peace and I hope you do, too.
    Peace is all around us.
    It is not stressful.
    There is no fighting.
    Peace can be at a beach,
    It can be in a city.
    I want people to be peaceful in their hearts
    And in my classroom.

    -Talia Liepold, 2nd grade
    Hilo, Hawaii, USA

  3. Danielle Jacobs-Erwin says:

    I finally had a chance to ask my niece what peace means to her.

    Here is what she said:

    Question: What does peace mean to you?
    Answer: You know, like what Martin Luther King wanted – calm and everybody should get along. (Sydney, 6 years old)

    I was impressed with that answer.

  4. Victoria Bocanegra says:

    Hey when I asked my six year old she said peace is when you get peace in quiet

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