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Climate Change Causes Poverty in Sudan

9 July 2009 2 Comments

Nadra Mahdi


Salwa Altayab is a woman I met recently who is learning about climate change to understand its effect on her life.

This Sudanese female is 38 years old. She comes from Blue Nile State (Baw). She is a farmer, from the tribe of Al Angasana. She has a golden black colour, with a magic smile, and very wonderful clothes.

In simple words, she says, “Yes I know it, climate change is changing our lives, because we depend on the rains here for agriculture. Sometimes the rain falls heavy and destroys our harvest. Other times it comes little, and we cannot grow enough food. This affects my family because I am a widow and I take care of five children.”

She said also, “When the rain comes too little, our animals cannot find grasses to eat, so we cannot find milk for our children. Then they feel sick and the animals themselves die. We have been poor and sick of many diseases. Some of us move from their places, emigrate to find other ways to live. We rent our children to work with other people to find some money.”

Everything is changed by climate change.

We in Sudan do not know how to deal with this, but we are still patient. Maybe our responsible people, our organizations can find policies that will reduce the impact of climate change, and we can live again in our homes.

Salwa now is one of the beneficiaries of an international organization that helps her to cultivate vegetables in new ways and sell them in the market to increase her income and help her family. She loves her work and feels satisfied about it because the organization buys the seed from her after the harvest.

Her smile comes from the hope that everything will change if we know the problem and try to solve it. Climate change is the main issue in her life.


Nadra Mahdi is a citizen journalist based in Sudan and a regular contributor to Voices from the Frontlines.

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2 Comments to “Climate Change Causes Poverty in Sudan”
  1. Evan Nelson says:

    it is very evident that climate change is already taking effect in this decade,”.

  2. abalonde simon says:

    you are very right and am worried how Africa will be for the next 10 years. thanks

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