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President Obama, You Truly Deserved the Nobel Prize

16 October 2009 No Comment

Alaha Ahrar

Alaha Ahrar


Americans and the world can observe the responsibility and integrity of President Obama. He has made affirmative efforts to maintain peace and equality not only within his own country and territory but also overseas. President Obama set a fine example of peace by supporting a country which has spent three decades of severe civil war.

President Obama is trying to solve the most complex problems of opium in Afghanistan, and he wants Afghanistan to become a peaceful country, where its people can live peacefully and work to promote their country.  President Obama has always given us hope for a better future of Afghanistan.

The Afghan people believe that President Obama merits such a prize and truly congratulate him for his outstanding talent and significant accomplishments in winning such a prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. We believe that President Obama’s future plans and efforts in supporting Afghanistan and its nation will be successful and rewarding.  Therefore, as an Afghan youth, I acknowledge President Obama’s best efforts in supporting Afghanistan, its nation, and especially Afghan women.

It takes special dedication and perseverance to win a Nobel Peace Prize.  This greatest achievement is the symbol of peace and integrity to all nations. The history of the world will remember the great humanitarian services and sacrifices of President Obama.

This prize is the reflection of President Obama’s courage and effectiveness. It recognizes that he has put his efforts into maintaining peace and integrity. President Obama is a person of unquestioned truthfulness who undoubtedly deserved the dedication and collaboration of the world. President Obama earned the Nobel Peace Prize for being a worthy role model with administrative talent and peace efforts.

Now President Obama is the best example of how commitment and hard work pay off.  This honor proves his dedication and public service. The entire world is witness and truly admires his kind efforts in strengthening international diplomacy and peace.

The other most brilliant point of President Obama which makes him more eligible and deserving for such a unique prize is his vision of health care. President Obama believes that every member of the society, all the nation, should have the same and equal access to the health care system services. He believes that patients should be treated based on being human and US citizens, not based on their wealth.

President Obama, you truly deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for your philanthropic efforts in promoting equality in society, maintaining peace, and supporting the nations.

As a member of Peace X Peace from Afghanistan and an Afghan International student in the United States of America, I wish you similar success in the future as well. You are an admirable role model for the young generations of the world.

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