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Start your own Karmic Auction

2 November 2009 No Comment

Level: Personal — Pillar: Conflict Transformation

This week’s featured story came in from Beirut, Lebanon:

I believe that what you want in life, you should give. Giving is receiving. I live by this principle each day and have witnessed the act of karma in many of my own experiences.

The act of karma is one of the Universal Laws and states: Every action or thought has an effect or consequence. In other words, what you give is what you receive because every action comes with a re-action. If you give love, you will receive love. If you are kind, you will attract kindness. If you think negatively, you will attract negative situations. So ask yourself: what do you want from others? From work? From your relationship?

I ask myself this question in each of my experiences, whether at work, in relationships, from friends, family members, or life goals in general. And my answer is that I want to attract love and kindness.

In my work in the field of peacebuilding and community development, I have worked with youth in Lebanon, Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and the United States. During my encounters my intention is always to share love and smiles. We as humans seek love. I know that if this is what I want to receive, I must share it. And by sharing love, I have received love in many ways. I constantly feel that love surrounds me wherever I go. I am fortunate to attract kindness and genuine friendships.

I no longer wait for someone to give me what I want. Rather I initiate that act of giving and have faith that I will receive in other miraculous ways. So remember if you are waiting for someone to tell you they love you, or to buy you a gift, why don’t you try to initiate the simple act of giving and be a witness of how karma will work itself out…

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Hala Fleihan
Beirut, Lebanon

Please share your own unique experiences with giving and receiving in the Comments section.

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