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Sign the petition to make meeting the world's human needs a pillar of US foreign policy.

14 December 2009 One Comment

Level: International — Pillar: Education and Economic Empowerment

This week’s featured story came in from Washington, DC:

Every week Peace X Peace highlights the work that resourceful women – artists and office workers, entrepreneurs and students, educators and waitresses – are doing locally and globally to make peace a reality. Through these stories of courage and triumph, of outrage and wisdom it is clear that investments in education, health care, job creation, and other essential services to reduce poverty are investments in global peace and security.

In November, Kathleen Kern shared a compelling story from Colombia of how, in seven years, the Tiquisio Citizen’s Process has built peace and development in Tiquisio. What started as a tiny community initiative blossomed into numerous projects, including a Community Farm to address food security, a rural school, a sexual and reproductive health project, and a community-operated radio station. The Citizen’s Process has convinced many guerrilla and paramilitary members to abandon their guns and reintegrate into civilian life.

Nduwimana shared her story from the province of Karuzi in Rwanda, where ethnic conflict killed more than 18,000 Tutsis in 1993. The violence left women widowed, families without homes and a significant divide between the two ethnic communities, Hutu and Tutsi, living in the region. Amidst the despair, Nduwimana created a network of Hutu and Tutsi women to focus on small income-generating activities so women could feed their families. After one year, the women were discussing common problems and a shared vision for the future while also carrying out successful development projects. At a time when the national army and rebels were still at war, families living in Karuzi were beginning to share resources, rebuild their homes, and build peace with those who killed their families.

These stories, and countless others like them, leave no doubt: meeting human needs is an investment in our shared future as a global community.

Right now, President Obama and his senior advisors are debating the future of U.S. efforts to alleviate poverty, fight disease, and create economic opportunity for the world’s poorest people.

Peace X Peace is partnering with development and foreign policy practitioners, policy advocates and experts, concerned citizens and private sector organizations to create the first ever petition asking the White House to make a strong statement about America’s commitment to development. We want to elevate global development as a national interest priority in actions as well as in rhetoric and ensure that partnership is promoted as a key strategy to achieve results.

Raise your voice to help build a safer, more prosperous world by strengthening the United States’ ability to alleviate extreme poverty, create opportunities for growth, and secure human dignity in developing countries.

Sign the petition to make meeting the world’s human needs a pillar of US foreign policy.

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One Comments to “Sign the petition to make meeting the world's human needs a pillar of US foreign policy.”
  1. Rev. Ikwunze Obioma Israel says:

    We must pursue peace at all cost because there is no alternative to it. Let us observe or follow the simple philosopher which says ‘why go to war when at long last peace will be sort for’. Dialogue should be the best option and should be exhausted,if need be patience should follow. This is the best medicine to creating a harmonious environment for peace. Let love reign in our hearts to love self first then we can apply same to others.

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