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Create and share art that speaks to your soul.

25 January 2010 No Comment

Level: Personal — Pillar: Conflict Transformation

This week’s featured story came in from Washington, D.C:

On Friday evening I attended a benefit concert at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Alongside a quieting performance by the National Symphony Orchestra, the Haitian band Tabou Combo moved an audience of young and old, Haitian and American to their feet with infectious dance beats. The music – punctuated by somber prayers and requests for generous contributions – was a tribute to the Haitian spirit.

By Ramesh Prakeshvelu (

By Ramesh Prakeshvelu (

In the days since the January 12th earthquake, I’ve been repeatedly struck by accounts of women singing as they are pulled from the rubble and of crowds of men, women and children gathering together to sings hymns as the sun sets on another day in Port-au-Prince.

As I reflect on these stories and on my own experience on Friday night, I am reminded of the healing power of art. Creative expression – whether it is music, painting, poetry, film or art of any other form – emerges from and speaks to our core. In the busyness of day-to-day life or the mayhem of disaster it is easy to lose our connection to the essence of ourselves and of others. Creating and sharing art provides an opportunity to reconnect. And it offers a space and the inspiration from which to imagine things that do not yet exist.

Remember to make the time to create and share art that speaks to your soul. It will heal you and others.

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