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THE e-FIELD of DREAMS: build it and peace will come

2 March 2010 2 Comments

- by Patricia Smith Melton
Founder, Peace X Peace
Editor, Sixty Years, Sixty Voices: Israeli and Palestinian Women

Come with me, women … and men. There’s an e-field of dreams growing in virtual space and our collective minds. Peace X Peace re-entered this field by recreating itself as an e-media site for global women’s commentary and connection. Peace is the vision. Meet me there!

Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet who experienced life all along the continuum between mortal isolation and ecstatic connection, says in his famous poem:

Out beyond ideas of wrong doing
and right doing there is a field.
I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.

Rumi uses words to say this, though. He talked, he shared, he gave his wisdom.

Ours is a world where diversity, change, tragedy, beauty, gain, loss, and transmutation flow into and out of each other. Things unite, fight, bond, wound, bless, and move on or don’t move on. We cope with real problems on planet Earth and can be forgiven for often forgetting we are made of the same stuff that the stars are made of.

Will we ever collectively reach a dynamic peace field so “full” that it is beyond the ability of words to describe? Who knows? But to get to the field—and the process may be the thing of it—we need to act not out of our seeming conflicts but from within our compassionate, encompassing humanity. We need to share who we are to each other, recognize ourselves in each other, trust each other, tend our pains and celebrate our joys with each other.

This journey is a personal one made out of a private decision to step out of the familiar territory of old habits and lazy assumptions. But it starts, simply enough, with the first step. Step one, step two, step three. Is this your day to start a journey where others will meet you?

As you open up and reach out, fear lessens and hope increases, though it may not be a straight path and it takes courage. Your “talk” may be poetry, music, dance, art, craft, or performance. You can experiment with the communication form that best shares your story and wisdom—the essential YOU. On the way to the field, you can practice listening to the story and wisdom of others in appreciation, patience, and awe.

Since I started Peace X Peace in 2003, my story is this: I became a grandmother twice, I moved my mother to a care center – and, when my beloved husband told me he had a separate life with someone younger and “less complex,” I left my marriage of 19 years and moved to a house that has had workmen in it for the past 18 months.

Loving friends lifted me and held me, and the workmen assured me that after destruction comes reconstruction. They were right. I am a reconstructed, wised-up, stronger yet humbler iteration of the woman I was. I emerged with renewed awe for the miracle of life, and an improved meter for truth, fiction, and what counts. I am recreated, like Peace X Peace, for new times, new needs, and new journeys. Step One. Step Two. Step Three.

My vision for the e-field of dreams of peace is that, as the global network of communication grows, more of us will lay our souls down together on the grass of the field, that more of us will be more conscious more of the time of the mystery that cannot be expressed in words. That we can meet beyond the history of wrong doing and right doing. That when wounds are cleansed, then compassionate, creative, even ecstatic, unity becomes reality.

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2 Comments to “THE e-FIELD of DREAMS: build it and peace will come”
  1. Hi Patricia, I love this post. I just recently learned of your wonderful organization while reading one of my mom’s magazines. I believe in peace and the ability for each and every person to make a contribution to it by simple choices (and simple doesn’t always mean easy!)that we make each day. I choose to help promote peace through my passion for family relationships. I help separated and divorced parents structure a co-parenting relationship that puts their children first instead of in the middle. I call this Common Ground Parenting, and it seems that you are finding common ground with others too. I’m not glamorous, or international, but in my own small way I hope to leave a peaceful mark on the next generation! I’m going to keep up with your wonderful site too!

  2. zakia habibi says:

    hello my sister paticia, I have just read this post . I really like it very much and you always encourege my heart in the sorrow times wish i know English very well .
    than i can reflact my feel about you .love you

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