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Pollen and Peace

28 April 2010 No Comment

Sneezing, itchy, watery eyes, and congestion are all signs of seasonal allergies. And I am in the thick of it. Tree pollen is wreaking havoc on my life.

A thin layer of yellow dust covers my car, gets on my clothes, and is tracked in by my dog, all contributing to the haze in which I must try to function. For some the yellow particles are merely an inconvenience, but for allergy sufferers like me springtime is no fun.  And even though it is Earth Month and I should be loving the green, I am hating the yellow.  Trapped in the yellow fog, I want to punish the trees, grasses, and weeds for making me feel so damn crappy.

I am surely exacting my revenge on the trees with the numerous tissue boxes I am consuming. But this gives me no peace. I want to be able to love Mother Earth and the rebirth that happens every spring, instead of being sequestered inside to avoid breathing the poison-riddled air. And steps I would normally take to help the environment and reduce my footprint would actually increase my suffering.

So how can I come to terms with Earth Month? I am thinking I just can’t. It is time for a quiet acceptance. Mother Nature is more powerful than me. I must learn to push through the grogginess and continue my work. Crankiness won’t get the job done; it only tests the patience of my teammates. So to allergy sufferers out there, we can complain and treat the symptoms, but ultimately, we must make peace with our ailments and move on.

The score: Mother Nature – 1, Liora – aaahhchewwww

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