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The Low-Carbon Lifestyle Is a New Fashion

5 April 2010 No Comment

Yi Wang


“People are still trying to understand the term ‘low-carbon,’ the definition of ‘green technology.’ “

I am very impressed by my research results about green jobs in China. I have come to the conclusion that there are more and more young Chinese people concerned about our environment on earth and investing their careers in this green peace movement. I first searched by two keywords, “Green life” and “low carbon life,” which led me to different websites such as (Taiwan), (Taiwan),  (Hong Kong), (Mainland China), and news articles links. In Mainland China, the idea of “Green Revolution/ Low-Carbon lifestyle” is slowly being introduced to the general public through media. Every day, we can read one or two articles about the environment in the newspaper. The low-carbon lifestyle is a new fashion among the young people: cotton clothes are more popular, and they’re taking the bus instead of driving.

I believe that the Copenhagen Climate Conference surely brought the topic to China and addressed the environment as the biggest threat to human beings. In short, I think that in mainland China we are experiencing the early stage of this Green Revolution. People are still trying to understand the term “low-carbon”, the definition of “green technology.” As far as I can see, right now in China the term “green” is more associated with “Green Marketing” or “Green Consumption” in the business industry. I am afraid it has not evolved into our daily life yet.

BUT………….People in China are paying more and more attention to the Green issue. I can give you a small example here in Hangzhou. As a government project, “refuse classification” was introduced to the citizens in Hangzhou. We can see different color garbage cans. Right now, the government is working with the media to teach people what kind of trash belongs in which garbage can. This is a new project in Hangzhou to promote the idea of “Recycling.” People are very curious about it. It is for sure a hard work to push this project to the end, but it’s a good start isn’t it?

Now, let’s talk about the Green jobs. (Chinese environmental NGO Online) is my major resource. This is a green job search website for those who want to work for environmental NGOs in China. I took a close look, and I can tell you that there are lots of green jobs available. And these jobs are attracting young applicants. For example, a job post of Senior Project Officer posted by World Wildlife Fund, the global conservation organization, was viewed by 393 applicants as soon as it went up. On this website, you can follow up your favorite NGOs activities, join them as a volunteer, apply a Green Job, or meet other Green lovers. Apparently, this Green industry is creating more job opportunities in China and I am sure women will take a big part of this movement. Maybe I can find someone interesting in my new fashion magazine!

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