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Happy Fathers Day!

29 June 2010 14 Comments


Alaha Ahrar

Alaha Ahrar

June 20 is considered Fathers’ Day in the United States of America. What a great and wonderful initiative! Although Afghanistan is considered very rich in its culturally strong family relations, Afghans are deprived of celebrating such a wonderful day. The effects of this touching day reminded me of all the warm thoughts of my father and all the ways that he has brightened the lives of others for years through his official, social, and family responsibilities. All these wonderful memories make me love and respect him even more and more deeply today. Therefore, on such a wonderful day in the United States, I am writing this poem to thank him and to wish him a fantastic Father’s Day. Fathers have a special place in their children’s hearts. Now that I am here in the United States, I can see that every nation thinks of their fathers very highly.

So far, I have written many poems about different topics, but this time I thought of writing a poem for my father in order to describe his holy character and the sacrifices that he has made for his children.

I would like to emphasize that fathers are also as great, lovely, and needed as mothers; everyone needs their love and support. I greatly and truly thank him for everything that he has done for my education. He is a pride for humanity.

I am really very blessed for having the best biological as well as the best American parents, Dr. William Crawley and Dr. Terrie Crawley.  The Crawleys are the sponsor of my scholarship here in the United States. I love them all equally and I wish them all very long lives full of happiness, success, very good health, and wealth forever. Amen!”

A poem to my respected father Khowaja Abaduallah Ahrar!

I know not, O father, what to write in your glory
The honor of your name is like a golden crown on my head
In childhood I was unaware of everything
From your grace I have learned my faith
You taught me knowledge, both worldly & spiritual
You told me stories of Mohammad, Peace be upon him
With the world of spirituality and science
you have made me aware of all that I know
May you have honor and prosperity
Long live your good name, may your enemies repent!
Proud is Alaha daughter of Ahrar, who
Learned the meanings of spiritual lessons from her father

A poem to my respected father Khowaja Abaduallah Ahrar  – Dari version

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14 Comments to “Happy Fathers Day!”
  1. Flowerjan says:

    My dear great sister jan , you are such a intelligent, wonderful and speciall a girl Mashallah , I hope you be success and joyful life ,with full of happiness to ever.

  2. walantina says:

    sure such a great , intelligent and a sweet girl ,My dearest Alahajan , wish you best and successful life , I hope my God ,always with you

  3. Wahab says:

    I really loved your poem and article. They are touching. You are gifted. Thank you so much for sharing this link with your facebook fun page friends. If you did not post it I would never been able to read it.

    Thank you so much for your wise and kind efforts.

  4. LOVE YOUR POEMS says:

    Thank you for letting your friends know about such a hidden talent. Alaha! You are gifted.

  5. i am it offer in a company.i read your comment.i feel very good feeling. espacialy a afghani girls comments.

  6. irit says:

    What a touching poem. your Dad must be very proud of you.
    thanks for sharing.

  7. UMW says:

    Alaha, you are a very hard working student therefore, UMW is a perfect and right place for you to come.
    We are blessed to have you. Everyday we are learning something new from you.
    Proud of you!

  8. School friends says:

    That is amazing that you have mentioned Crawleys. It is really sweet of you. They both are wonderful. I am sure they will be very happy to read it.
    Thanks Alaha,

  9. Aisha says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Hope this email finds you all well. I am writing this email on behave of all the the student in my school to thank you for having Alaha Jaan Ahrar in your Organization and program, for encouraging her to write and for supporting her to continue her higher education.
    Alaha Jaan Ahrar, thank you for suppring Afghan women, youth and children, your people and country love you as much as you love your country and people. we really know, feel and appreciate your kind efforts.
    Please never stop writing, we really need smart Afghan young women like you.
    Thank you

  10. Alina says:

    This poem is full emotion of love and kindness, very powerful, very strong and meaningful.
    I just loved it. Thanks for letting your mind to think so deeply and write such wonderful pieces.

  11. Mustapha R says:

    Dear Alaha Jan,
    I read your poem and your article. I really loved them and I also loved your thoughtfulness, how nice and fantistic you are. You acknowleged your both parents. That is really very much nice of you. It really shows and illustrates your own human values and kindness.
    Thanks and proud of you Alaha Jan.

  12. Fawad S says:

    I love all your poems. You will have a very bright future and I am sure you are the one who will change the mesrable lives of Afghan women to a hopeful and educated future. May God protect you.
    insha Allah.

  13. Ann says:

    Dear Alaha,
    I see you are making leaps and bounds in furthering your mission for Afghanistan and its beautiful people especially women.
    You will keep you in my prayers. You always have a friend in me. You’re doing an incredible job at creating awareness of the injustice happening in a world where people like to think everything is okay. I love that you’re challenging people to realize that there is still a lot to do for humanity even in this century. You do so many amazing things!

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