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Dancing with the Winged Beauties of a Wounded World

7 July 2010 2 Comments

Patricia Bulitt

Patricia Bulitt Dances Egretfully

“With all the birds in the Gulf of Mexico and in Florida dying in the oil, the notion of

wounded came around my awareness, as my improvisation unfolded in that afternoon.”

I am a dancer, interdisciplinary artist and teaching artist. My work cultivates community, peaceful means to express beauty and each of our unique ways to create and build peace between peoples and cultures.

As a dance Ethnologist I have documented world dance with Alaskan Eskimos and Indians and world dancers from Africa, China, the Philippines, and Japan. My paper dresses are both wearables for performance and art pieces for exhibition. Mostly I make paper dresses to discover a flow of image and meaning. The discovery is the art.

I have presented exhibitions and workshops at such places as the Museum of Glass in Washington State; the Sun Gallery and the Richmond Art Center in California; Bethel, Alaska, and the University of Alaska. I have been honored as a National Endowment for the Arts Fellow in Choreography, a Dance Fellow at UCLA, and a California Arts Council grantee

Right now I am in Japan, where my work as a dancer and ethnologist will be presented in Kyoto and Tsuwano. In the photo I am costumed for Egretfully, the solo dance improvisation honoring Great White Egret that I will be performing here.


ONE afternoon, the slight greying in sky.

A Mirror.


I script these thoughts:

1. Egret carries sky in her skirt.

2. Wounded—WINGED light caught in egret’s wing.

3. Turning towards evergreen, Egret takes sky to sleep.

These are choreographic notes from the studio workings for the dance.

They are also inscribed in the dance improvisation I make in performance. These threads of the studio workings are part of the larger process, with the resolution of the choreography in the context of each performance, rather than making a series of steps that I do and repeat. I’m not interested in “steps” in a dance work, but rather the inner workings of the body and its expression as communication and illustration of the bird, The Great White Egret.

With all the birds in the Gulf of Mexico and in Florida dying in the oil, the notion of wounded came around my awareness, as my improvisation unfolded in that afternoon. As well, these notions of wounded:

Personal wounding. Wounded cultures at war.

And birds, holding an absence of war.

Always, Winged Light. Always that, for all. In my mind and heart.

And so Ever Green! Ever Green!

The notion that the sky holds all birds all the time. Egret gives sky a gift: Egret takes “her” to sleep.

A gift to sky from Egret to comfort and to give her rest.

For California and for Japan.






毎年3月になると、カリフォルニア州マリン郡のボリナス潟近くにあるオードバン・キャニオン牧場に大白鷺がやってきます。この牧場は美しいアメリカ杉が茂り、鷺の巣作りや儀式に最適な所です。 パトリシアの舞踏は鷺特有の動きからインスピレーションを得て創作されました。






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2 Comments to “Dancing with the Winged Beauties of a Wounded World”
  1. Nancy Gray says:

    How wonderful that Patricia shares her choreograpy notes with us. She is inspired.

  2. Anne Sands says:

    Congratulations Patricia on your continuing journey. Thank you for bringing your grace and entering our lives.

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