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Diamond Clarity, Hope for the Whole

14 November 2011 One Comment

Louise Diamond

By Mary Liepold
Editor in Chief

“There are threads you can pull that affect everything,” Louise explains.


When I learned that our founder had selected Louise Diamond to receive the 2011 Patricia Smith Award,
I jumped at the chance to schedule an interview. I’d said hello to Louise at various peace and justice events, and her Peace Book has been close to my desk for the last six years. Now I could have a real conversation with this pioneer peacebuilder.

“What do you see as your greatest strength?”
I asked Louise. “Clarity,” she responded in an instant. “It’s knowing my gifts and helping others see theirs; synthesizing many strands into a whole.”

The diamond clarity of her mind shines through her writing, including Multi-Track Diplomacy: A Systems Approach to Peace (Kumarian 1996) and The Courage for Peace: Daring to Create Harmony in Ourselves and the World (Red Wheel/Weiser 2000), as well as the 2001 Peace Book and her memoir in progress. She shared several chapters, and I’ve read them more than once.

The systems approach―that synthesizing, holistic, living process worldview―has been at the heart of her organically expanding career. She moved from psychotherapy with individuals to human behavior in organizations to international peacebuilding to an even larger perspective that unites peace and conflict with global ecosystems, water, food security, and geopolitics. Right now her organization, Global Systems Initiatives, is completing a study on systems at risk with and for the Washington DC policy community, focusing on the Himalayan watershed. “There are threads you can pull that affect everything,” Louise explains.

After decades of work in Bosnia, Kenya, Israel-Palestine, Liberia, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and most notably, Cyprus, she has moved out to the macro and at the same time she’s bringing it home, helping to heal crucial relationships here in the US. Her deep spiritual grounding embraces the paradox.

I asked, “What advice would you give to a young woman who wants to be a peacebuilder?”

“Get in touch with why you want to do this work: where it comes from, what it feeds, how it is your own healing, what is the larger vision you hold, why you care. Learn a spiritual practice so you become aware of the energy and the spiritual states that exist around peacebuilding. Know that you are on the leading edge of an evolutionary arc―and if it doesn’t take we will destroy ourselves. There’s hope, because the masculine and feminine divine are coming into balance at this moment in history.”

Register for the 2011 Women, Power, and Peace Awards NOW so you can share the excitement of hope with Louise Diamond and our other award winners. It’s going to be brilliant!

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One Comments to “Diamond Clarity, Hope for the Whole”
  1. patricia smith says:

    It is my immense honor to give Louise this award. It is a blessing to know her. She is a blessing to the rest of us. Thank you, Louise.

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