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Your Inner Warrior: The friend at your side

7 November 2011 One Comment

Patricia Smith

By Patricia Smith

This is the first of two commentaries by Patricia adapted from her address at the 2011 Peacemakers Luncheon in Dallas on International Peace Day, September 21. Click here to view a video clip made after her speech.


Author’s  note: I refer to the Inner Warrior as a “she.” If that doesn’t work for you, toss it around until you find the gender preference of your Inner Warrior.  She, he, it will tell you if you listen.

Is your Inner Warrior a leather-clad Xena slaying warlords or a Buffy staking vampires?  Maybe an Athena who outsmarts lesser beings without breaking a sweat or a Mother Teresa on her feet 24/7?

Probably none of these.  Icons are one-dimensional.  Your Inner Warrior is more nuanced, more like you.  But where does she come from?

You might as well ask where True North or Mother Nature come from.  Yes, they are impulse, tendency, orientation, compulsion, but we can’t know the original source.  Our human receiver set is too limited.

What we do know is that in living life we discover those impulses, tendencies, and orientations inside ourselves.  They include fortitude, courage, a sense of justice, determination, resilience, a mother bear instinct, a preference for integrity, and a capacity for bliss and for compassion, even for people who harm us.

Most adults, women of a certain age especially, have been at places in our lives where our main recourse was our self, our main resources generated from inside, and connection to spirit was our lifeline.  We know where our fault lines lie, we have learned what we are made of, and, if we paid attention, we also learned that our lives are better off when we act in line with our higher impulses.

Over time, these impulses and qualities forge. They meld in the cauldron of experience into a being I call the Inner Warrior, a champion for yourself and for others who need your actions to help them.

The core tenet of the Inner Warrior is: Feel Good and Do Good.

She answers the call to peace as a compass to True North, whether that call is from inside you for yourself or from our precious threatened world asking us to save it.  Your Inner Warrior wants you to be profoundly whole, healthy, deeply powerful, and filled with joy.

And your Inner Warrior wants the world to be whole, healthy, productive, and joy-filled, for she experiences everything as connected. She knows that inner and outer harmony are of the same stuff.  She feels your family expanding in concentric circles across the planet.

That is, your Inner Warrior is the entity inside you, the energy node with consciousness, where the learned best survival techniques of your physical body and the highest integrity of your local mind are informed by the golden stream, the light, the mystery, true north, love.  Yes, it’s a miracle even when it’s really messy – and it’s really messy because free will inherently includes the option to mess up, and we can really mess up.  Look around!

The setup is: Life Force needs us — YOU — to create what IT needs to thrive in time and space.

And life does not thrive in a world of destruction, greed, and violence.  It thrives where cooperation, inclusion, joy, and love are made manifest.  That’s your job. You are a doer and a conduit, and your Inner Warrior is your sustainer, guide, and true grit.

The bottom line is: More important than how you go through life is how life goes through you.

Your Inner Warrior is not governed by rampages or destruction or pouts or demanding her own way — or stomping across the earth with weapons.  She is governed by balance, thoughtfulness, justice, holistic principles, curiosity, inclusion, positive creativity, discernment, and data checking, with her feet on the ground, eyes clear, ears open, weighing the truth of what is presented to her.  She is patient when patience is needed and confrontive when confrontation is required, with the goal of creating good rather than getting credit, taking revenge, or proving an illusion of superiority.  She is generous, not petty, and references the spirit and love that surround us even when they seem obscured.

Poorly used, free will has assaulted our earth.  Mother Nature works to heal herself every nanosecond, but damage is happening, perhaps irreversibly, and we have no Planet B to bop over to with a few heritage tomato seeds, hoes, and water buckets.  This is it, this globe spinning at 1040 miles per hour as it travels around the sun at 18.5 miles per second in a cosmos with 300 sextillion – that’s a 3 with 21 zeroes behind it – stars in hundreds of billions of galaxies. This miracle is the home court for free will.  We must use ours wisely with nonviolent, well-leveraged actions, with the intent not only to win the day but to save the future.

Are we creating and caring well for our children, businesses, art, social structures, water and air and land and animals, neighborhoods, homes, earth?  From concerts to politicians, conflict to peace, it all comes out of our actions of free will.

Creating peace — the stuff of sustainable equity and justice — comes in many forms, from legal, to ecological, to financial, to parental, to educational, to stopping of violence, and more.  It means standing up to big powers, false notions, extreme emotions, the backlash that only those who are immensely but unconsciously guilty for the damage they have done can unleash.  But your Inner Warrior says, “Come on, Chickie, you can do this, and I’ve got your back.”

Your Inner Warrior gets you up and gets you going, and then asks you to heal others and the world.  She is in allegiance with Mother Nature, with the life force in seeds and the love in your heart that loses nothing when it takes on another’s pain.  Your Inner Warrior knows that helping someone else is love cycling out and back in.  You are the gift that can keep on giving.

More important than how you go through life is how life goes through you.



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One Comments to “Your Inner Warrior: The friend at your side”
  1. Thanks Patricia for that wonderful post! The universe lies within — it’s just about discovering it. Our inner warrior and poet and goddess is always there, waiting to be accessed… and once we find that connection with ourself, there is little else to be accomplished in the world.

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