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Women, Power, and Peace Awards: Call for Nominations

Our Women, Power, and Peace Awards are coming up on December 5th, and we need YOU, our readers and members of our community, to nominate candidates for two of the categories.  (We’ve already announced the winners of some of the other awards – find out who’s being honored.)  Nominations for the 2011 awards are now closed, and the winners have been announced. Thank you to everyone who submitted candidates!

Past award winners Abigail Disney , Suraya Pakzad , Fatima Gailani, and Mario Morino


Peace doesn’t just happen and it isn’t simply what’s there when there is no war. Peace is built. At Peace X Peace we think that every well-intentioned person has something important to contribute to the process of building peace.

Our Community Peacebuilder Award honors a person over the age of 30 or an established organization that builds cultures of peace at a community level. This peacebuilder is responsible for initiating activities that promote a peaceful, just, equitable, and healthy community and inspire others to do the same. Her or his work has had tangible and lasting impact.


You may nominate an individual or organization, woman or man, young or old, professional or novice. They may reside anywhere in the world and be of any religious (or non-religious) background.  The community where they build peace may be geographic, cultural, religious, or any other kind of community.


In an ever-changing world full of conflict, peace is hard to come by.  As the current generation of peacebuilders keeps on pushing for peace, we here at Peace X Peace feel it is important to encourage and nurture the next generation of peacebuilders.

The Generation Peace Award is a brand new award to be given at this year’s Women, Power, and Peace event to a young person who is making a difference by advancing the cause of peace.  This award will be given to someone between 18 and 30 who promotes and facilitates peacebuilding for a younger generation.  This includes the use of social media, on-the-ground work, and other avenues to produce measurable impact.


You may nominate any individual, woman or man, professional or novice, as long as this person is under 30 years of age.  They may reside anywhere in the world and be of any religious (or non-religious) background.  The community where they build peace may be geographic, cultural, religious, or any other kind of community.


Help us share a powerful example of peacebuilding with the world. And honor a person or organization in your life that gives you and others confidence that peace is possible.

Nominate the community peacebuilder or youth peacebuilder who inspires you most! The most important qualification for both awards is that this person or organization gives you and others confidence that peace is possible.

Download the nomination forms

Community Peacebuilder nomination form (DOC)

Generation Peace nomination form (DOC)


Complete this form or email membersupport@peacexpeace.org with your nomination no later than October 31.


Each winner will receive USD $200 and a certificate publicly recognizing their contribution to the field of peacebuilding.


Find out more about last year’s awards.

24 Comments to “Women, Power, and Peace Awards: Call for Nominations”
  1. Jill Kollist says:

    I tried to send a nomination in. The email membersupport@peacexpeace.org was rejected. Please advise. Regards, Fellow Peacemaker, Jill Kollist

  2. Alice says:

    I nominate Dekha Ibrahim

  3. Alfred MUTUNDI says:

    I am learnig from Global Peace Ferstival Foundation Uganda, for this matieres: Peace building and conflict resolution
    But I want6 to go far by experiences and I come to you to attempt my aim to become a peace builder>

    I’m from the Democratic Republic Of Congo
    Noth-kivu Province, Goma town.


  4. Alfred MUTUNDI says:

    I nominate Marie Anne Delahaut

  5. Caroline says:

    Thank you for the names! If you want to nominate someone, please fill out the nominating form and send it to membersupport@peacexpeace.org.

  6. Elham R. says:

    I nominate my family(Parent) for their extreme support of what am doing, I will send my story to the mentioned email.
    Regards PXP family

  7. Caroline says:

    Hi Jill,

    So sorry for the problem with membersupport@peacexpeace.org. Please send your nomination to me at caroline@peacexpeace.org.


  8. Enock Taa says:

    I nominate Fredrick Odhiambo a kenyan activist


    Dear Sir,

    The International Executive Council of the 16 nations ECOWAS Youth and Citizens League a non-governmental Organization with its head quarters based in Accra, Ghana which is associated with the Department of Public Information DPI/NGO Section of the United Nations operating in the West African sub-Region humbly write to you for a possible collaboration with us to enable the vision of the League come true.

    The vision of the League since it’s formation as non-governmental organization in 1994 but fully registered in 1995 has been working towards elimination of civil conflicts in West Africa, Poverty, Peace and Social Development, Helping the Rural Youth in Education, Agriculture, Health, Rural Water Development HIV/AIDS and many others.

    It is our hope that your office will include us in your AUGUST programme for peace and social development world wide.

    Hoping to hear from you.

  10. Toussaint Y. HONVOU says:

    Without Paece no development. Peace is the root of development.
    Women play a key role in Africa coutries for development.I abd my coleagues of my organization Benin Fellowship of reconciliation we are interested in this programme.
    Beste regards
    Toussaint Y. HONVOU
    President of Monar-Benin
    E-mail: thonvou47@gmail.com

  11. Forozan Asseeb says:

    I loved reading this good news, thanks for sharing it with everyone.
    Can we nominate a very young and active woman from Afghanistan? A very unique personality, who has done a lot to bring people together in peace and she is a huge supporter of Peace, Humanity and Women’s Rights.

    If it is possible, then I nominate an Afghan young woman.

    Her name is Alaha Ahrar. She is an International Student from Afghanistan, who goes to different Offices, Schools and Women’s gatherings since 2006 to convey the messages of peace and humanity to all.

    I cannot find anyone better than her to nominate, because she is very young and very supportive of Peace and she has done a lot and still is doing, despite of facing lots of challenges. If you want to see her and some of her peace and humanitarian works, pleas have a look at her page in facebook. It is called “Support Humanitarian Rights of Afghan Women”
    Alaha Ahrar is the best candidate!!!!
    Thanks for your consideration!

  12. We have been trying to submit name but the email keeps being returned. Holly Stephey of red velvet media is who we would like to nominate.
    She does weekly radio shows and has been doing a global peace day celebration every year and promoting peace all day, every day.
    What do we need to do as we keep having things returned?

  13. Caroline says:

    Thanks for all your comments! If you are having trouble submitting your nomination, you can send it directly to me, at caroline@peacexpeace.org

  14. Jawad Naseri says:

    My candidate for the young peace award will be “Alaha Ahrar” from Kabul Afghanistan.

  15. Taranum Sidiqi says:

    Alaha Ahrar is a youth poet from Kabul Afghanistan, since a child she has worked with different peace organizations to support peace.
    I strongly recommend Alaha Ahrar please

  16. Walantina says:

    Alaha Ahrar will be the best candidate for the Youth/ Young Peace Prize.

  17. Zabiullah says:

    The supporter of women’s right Alaha Ahrar, can be the extremely best candidate for the Young Peace Award.

  18. Razia Ameri says:

    Alaha Ahrar for sure and 100% the right candidate.

  19. Saeed Hasham Sadat says:

    Alaha Ahrar can be the right candidate for Young or Youth Peace Award, I believe!
    Thank you for asking our opinion.

  20. Sharifa says:

    the form that you have a link here for is opening but it is any sort of form.

    But my nominee is Alaha Ahrar!
    Thank you!

  21. Hamasa says:

    I nominate Alaha Ahrar,She is an International Student from Afghanistan,and I can’t find anyone better than her to nominate,
    Thank you for your consideration!

  22. hamasa says:

    I nominate Alaha Ahrar, because she is an International student from Afghanistan and i can’t find anyone better then her to nominate.

  23. Caroline says:

    Thank you everyone for these nominations. We can only consider nominees for whom we have received a complete form. You need to download the word doc, fill it out, and send the completed version to membersupport@peacexpeace.org.

  24. Malalai says:

    Alaha Ahrar will be the best candidate for the Youth/ Young Peace Prize.

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