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Peace Links: Have You Thought About Nigeria Lately?

13 January 2012 No Comment

This week’s batch of links is quite diverse, but full of gems.  From advice for a more peaceful life in 2012, to protests in Nigeria, to participatory theater in Rwanda, there’s something in here for everyone. Enjoy!

From Voice of America – how women’s involvement aids the pursuit of peace. (More on the National Action Plan on Women, Peace, and Security!)

Good advice for 2012: Stop worrying and exhale. (You’ll build more peace that way.)

On protests in Nigeria, always a country to watch

And I recommend checking out this blog, Shy Rebellious Arab Girl. The author, Mimi, is going through a very interesting journey.

In 2011 we featured an article about Search for Common Ground’s Participatory theatre project in Rwanda.  Here’s a check back in on that work.

And finally, as a nod to the ripening Presidential election in the States, here’s a call for Hilary as VP.



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