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Peace Links: The Price for Keeping it Simple

2 March 2012 No Comment

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Just a short peace links this week, but there are some gems in here, I promise.  Enjoy, and have a good week!

  • From Chris Blattman – a critique of simplifying a narrative for effective advocacy.  It can change what you’re advocating for.  See also Rebecca Hamilton’s book Fighting for Darfur. 
  • One of my old friends from my Friends Committee on National Legislation days is now in Kabul, working with CIVIC, an organization that brings attention to civilian casualties.  Check out his post on the impact of children’s deaths.
  • Also, have you listened to Asghar Farhadi’s Academy Award acceptance speech for A Separation? All I have to say is amen. (His speech starts around the 2:00 mark.)
  • In other Oscar news, Pakistan won an award for the documentary “Saving Face.”  That’s great, but this New York Times blog asks: “Once the Oscar high subsides, Pakistanis will have to contend with the fact that their nation remains notorious for its challenges, violence against women included. Then the question will be, can the hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis who rooted for Obaid-Chinoy at the Academy Awards muster the same enthusiasm to tackle the problems that her work exposes?”
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