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The Screams that You May Hear: Iranian Women Use Videos to Say No to War

15 March 2012 One Comment

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From Change for Equality

This was originally posted on Change for Equality. We were excited to hear these Iranian women call for peace on International Women’s Day last week.


War does not happen in the course of a day. There is no need for war to land in our cities with a bomb. The shadow of war is also frightening. The possibility of war too changes the lives of women. Every day that we spend at war, or in conditions of war, is filled with the fear of the death of the our achievements, which have come about through years of struggle. War for us means destructive violence committed against women and children. It means more severe crackdowns. It signifies the silencing of our demands and civil protest and…  Still our bodies are covered in the dust of the eight-year war with Iraq, and our country is once again faced with the threat of war.

War is not just bombs and the destruction of our homes. Even before we embark on a war, it seems that the lives of women have already become more difficult. War has focused its gaze on women and moves closer, step by step.

We do not want to become the silent victims of this monster. On March 8, 2012, while being denied the opportunity to celebrate the day or express our demands in the streets, we have taken this opportunity to say that we are opposed to war. Each of these short films expresses our reasons for that opposition. Please join us, so that perhaps together we can become a strong voice opposing those who, with the slightest of excuses and with a smile adorning their lips, welcome the possibility of war.

Videos with English subtitles:

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One Comments to “The Screams that You May Hear: Iranian Women Use Videos to Say No to War”
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