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The Spiritual Values of Humanity

18 June 2012 4 Comments

Khawaja Abdullah Ahrar

Khawaja Abdullah Ahrar

Editor’s note: This month, we’re celebrating men we love, and so we bring you this poem, by a well-known Afghan poet and writer. (One of our favorite contributors, Alaha Ahrar, is his daughter!)


If you call a human an animal:

He will be very upset, disturbed and distressed

If unwittingly a human turns to ignorance

He will become wilder than wolves and leopards

The values of humanity such as

wisdom, education, grace and generosity

differentiate humans from all animals

The human has been created from an adorned spirit;

Therefore, humans are superior to all other beings

God has given dignity to humans;

Even according to the Quran

Humans have been selected as the head of the universe

Why cannot humans understand their own values?

Some become very cruel and unkind to others

Live and adorn your life with morals, ethics and etiquette

Then the name of Human will befit you

The spiritual value of a human is very superior;

Therefore, humans should be the source of beneficence and dignity

Close your eyes so that you do not see who are you helping

Without acknowledging people’s beliefs, serve and benefit everyone equally

If you want to live an honorable life,

Live with morals and ethics!

This is one of the teachings of the schools of mysticism

If you follow this path, you will reach reach the level of the mystics.

When the lights of spirituality and mysticism shine,

The world can become even brighter


You can also read the poem in the original Dari:

مقام معنوی انسان

خواجه عبداله احرار

تاریخ نشر پنجشنبه  ۲۲ ثور ۱۳۹۰ – ۱۲ می ۲۰۱۱

به انسان گــر بگــویـنـد نام حیوان

شود آزرده خاطــر، سخت پریشان

زغفلت گــر به سـوی جهـل گـرایـد

شود وحشی تر از گرگ و پـلنگان

به عـقـل و دانش و فضل و مروت

همین است فرق انس ازجمله حیوان

ز روح قــدس مـزیـن گـشته انـسان

مـقامـش بـس بـلـند گـردیــده از آن

کـرامـت هـم به او لطـف خـدا شـد

شـده سـر تـاج عـالـم نیز به قـرآن

چـرا انـسان مـقـام خویـش نـدانــد؟

شــود پست و، کـنـد زشتی نمایان

به اخـلاق و ادب آراسـتـه میباش!

که تـا زیـبـد به تـو این نام انسان

مـقــام معـنوی انـسان بـلنـد اسـت

که انسان منبع خیر است و احسان

به چشم بسته احسان کن به مخلوق

مبین اینجا کی کفر است کی مسلمان

شـرف خـواهــی به آداب زنـدگی کـن

که ایـن اسـت مکتب والای عــرفــان

از این راه میرسی (احرار) به معنی

ز نــور معـنویسـت عـالــم درخشـان

با احترام،

خواجه عبداله احرار


See more poetry by Khawaja Abdullah Ahrar ( in Dari) here and here.

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4 Comments to “The Spiritual Values of Humanity”
  1. Nader says:

    I love his all his poems. They are all very great and meaningful. I really thank him for letting us know our differences from animals. On behave of my family and relatives I want to thank you for all these great works that you have done.
    Nader Popal

  2. Wahida says:

    This is amazing, wonderful, awesome, and simply the greatest poet of the beautiful language of Afghanistan and English.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Fatima says:

    He is a very honorable man, and a pride for Afghanistan.
    This family is famouse for their love and respect to all.

    Enjoyed reading this poem!

  4. Ann says:

    A very beautiful poem!
    It touched my heart.

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