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A Woman’s Initiative: The Right to Bare Arms

25 July 2012 No Comment

Georgia Jones

Georgia Jones
Sonora, CA USA

“What I am looking for is a group of women to work on this as an anthology. “


Picture a book cover where many women are raising their arms, bare arms, into the air.  Are they celebrating?  Protesting? Raising their hands to be recognized?  Or is it a dance on the beach?  It could be any of those things or a few I haven’t thought of yet. My favorite is announcing themselves as women.  What we mean by what we do is not always that easy to interpret. In fact, even the title of the book:  The Right to Bare Arms, is only an intriguing hint to what those women are really thinking. And therein lies the point.

I have always felt that thoughts of any kind promote new thinking and that thinking is the basis of creativity… and thought and creativity are at the heart of any effort to promote peace. That is one of the things I appreciate about Peace X Peace: the opportunity to see new solutions emerge from hearing  about issues from other perspectives. This is an approach I believe in so strongly that I have used it as the philosophy behind not only my life but my professional endeavors.

The technique of changed perspectives is one that is used in a lot of areas. I use it as a writers’ exercise I have kept going online for over fifteen years now. The idea is simple:  A topic each week, a challenge to write every day on that topic and to find a fresh perspective each day. In a group like that, the ideas are sharpened not only against the challenge itself but against the ideas of each individual who is participating. It is a process that has unpredictable outcomes, yet every poem is a creative trigger for new thinking.

Georgia Jones invites women interested in contributing to an anthology: "The Right to Bare Arms"

I have been thinking for some time about a book that uses the Writers Room technique of approaching a topic from a variety of directions to talk about…  Well, rather than saying about, let me stay with the Writers Room approach and give you a title: The Right to Bare Arms. I spelled it that way to help open any doors that might trigger: irony, satire, humor, fashion…

What I am looking for is a group of women to work on this as an anthology. The assignment would be up to 5,000 words, including a short bio/statement of intent, from each woman. The 5,000 words could be one essay or story, or it could be a combination of three to four works, including poetry. It could be deep thoughts or playfulness.  I am not ready to put a deadline to this yet, but once everyone is on board that will be the next step. I suspect it will be enough time for even the deepest thought or slowest writing.

In any project that involves a group of people there is the question of profit and the profits from this book would all be donated to Peace X Peace, another group where thoughts are honed to new perspectives. I am inviting any of you who are interested to contact me about being included in The Right to Bare Arms. I will make the decision based on what you tell me about yourself and your interest in the project, and get back to you quickly.

Interested women can reach Georgia by email at


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