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Take Action – Sign a Petition for Women!

3 August 2012 2 Comments

Take action from your computer – sign a petition, and stand up for women around the world!

  • Help Moms Fight Malaria. Why? Because Malaria is responsible for the death of 1 child every 45 seconds, and providing women support through microloans and education can help reduce this appalling statistic.
  • Teen Vogue. Give Us Images of Real Girls! Why? Because it is time to stop bombarding young women with enhanced and photoshopped images, and showcase the beauty of real girls. Let’s stop supporting low self-esteem, and start supporting strong women of all shapes and sizes.


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About the Author

Yasmina Mrabet is Director of the Peace X Peace Connection Point initiative, a global dialogue initiative aimed at connecting Arab, Muslim, and Western women around the world.
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2 Comments to “Take Action – Sign a Petition for Women!”
  1. Abbey says:

    Hi Yasmina ,

    My name is Abbey and I am supporter of world peace movement and women empowerment. If that is ok with you, I can share the same post of yours with reference to your site so we can spread the word. You can look at my little effort I just started at I am barely starting but Inshallah It with help of like minded people like yourself, I am sure we can change the world for better one man and one woman at a time.

  2. Yasmina says:

    Hello Abbey! Of course you are welcome to share this post, and any of our other posts with reference to the site. Thank you for your kind words and important efforts!

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