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Women: What Are Your Career Dreams?

30 August 2012 No Comment

Melody Green

Melody R. Green

“Women of the World, I invite you to dare to dream your best and biggest career dream for yourself and your community. May all your career dreams come true, and may we change our world for the better because we dared to dream!”


I meet many people through my work. People who are in or out of work; people who are in work they loathe doing every day and some (a rare few) who love what they do every single minute of every day! The fortunate few, you might think.

Many women in war torn countries with broken economies and limited resources or education would say how lucky we are to have the choice.

As women age they begin to think about the work they do, how they do it and what they wish to contribute to the world they live in. We want our lives to have meaning.

As I communicated with the few women who could afford to have career education and worked with the many who could not, I began to see that maybe we were asking the ‘career questions’ the wrong way around. Instead of asking someone about their work and career on an individual  level, maybe we should be asking: What do you want your community to look like? And then, how would you like to contribute to your community to make it a better place to live?

This is how Women of the World Career Vision Project was born.

The Women of the World Career Vision Project is a simple idea, uncomplicated, easy to implement, and yet it has the potential to profoundly change how women think, how they work, and how they contribute to the communities and world they live in.

This project asks that women dare to speak out their career dreams and share them with their community.

The community can be online, an informal group of friends, an association, or the physical community that a woman lives in. A woman may participate across many different communities. In fact, the more she does this, the more her career dreams spread and take flight.

A career dream comes from your heart and is shaped by your soul’s desire to serve the world we are in, no matter if that world is as small as a group of friends, a community, a nation, or the big wide world.

All career dreams are accepted and placed on the Career Vision Board. This vision board then becomes the focal point for your continued Career Vision creation. As a group you may decide to meet regularly and work on your visions for your community. Because it comes from a place of deep desire, a career dream will bring up many reasons why you think you cannot achieve it. Instead of being swallowed by doubt, each member of your community will be there to help erase your doubt by supporting you, as you support each of them.

NB: Some women may not be clear about their dream nor able to express it – do not worry if this appears to be true for you. It could mean you are not yet ready to express your dream or it may not yet be time for your career to manifest. Use your energy instead to support someone whose dream you can believe in and help them. When the time is right your dream will surface and be stronger for the time it has had to brew while you help others.

Women of the World, I invite you to dare to dream your best and biggest career dream for yourself and your community. May all your career dreams come true, and may we change our world for the better because we dared to dream!

How to begin?

1) Register your group or community using the form on the website, and you will receive in return the PDF document on how to start your project.

2) Choose one person in your group to act as the community administrator.

3) On completion of your project, send a photo of the completed community career vision board and details of career dreams for your community.

4) When you achieve milestones, let the community know via Facebook.

Women from around the world are encouraged to share information, tips and knowledge to assist other women to make their dreams come true.

Who can take part?

Any woman may be a part of this project. See instruction e-book for more details, available for free by emailing Melody at the website

Finally, this project is about love and peace. It is about considering who we are, who we become, and what we achieve when we work together. We are not weak, we are strong. We are not poor, we are rich with inner wealth, creative expression, and willpower to create. All we need do is acknowledge each other’s greatness and work together to make it benefit our communities.

Melody R. Green is a career adviser with nearly 35 years experience in a variety of industries. Melody is also a mother, a published author and a poet. She lives in Sydney, NSW Australia.


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