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Announcing the 2012 Women, Power, & Peace Award Winners

21 September 2012 3 Comments

Peace X Peace celebrates the International Day of Peace and its own 10th anniversary this year by announcing the 2012 Women, Power, and Peace Awards. The six awards honor extraordinary individuals and organizations on the frontlines of peace and women’s achievements, contributions and self-empowerment worldwide.


The Patricia Smith Melton Award honors Palestinian radio personality and documentary producer Rula Salameh. Ms. Salameh’s weekly television program highlights Palestinians of special needs, patients who need support for immediate treatment, and needy families. Read our profile on Rula Salameh.

Rula Salameh


The Peace Philanthropy Award goes to Somy Ali, founder of the nonprofit No More Tears, which assists survivors of domestic violence. Ms. Ali spent her early years between Pakistan, India, and the US, earning acclaim as a Bollywood actress and model as well as two US college degrees. She has contributed more than $200,000 of her own money to the Florida-based organization, and works personally with each of the survivors it assists. Read our interview with Somy Ali.

Somy Ali


The Peace Media Award goes to India’s Aditi Bhaduri, an independent journalist whose stories consistently highlight women who build peace in regions wracked by conflict, promote healing for conflict survivors, and resist injustice. She has reported for Haaretz (Israel), Arab News (Saudi Arabia), Gulf News (UAE), Newsline (Pakistan), and Women’s eNews (USA), as well as The Deccan and other Indian media outlets. Read our interview with Aditi Bhaduri.

Aditi Bhaduri


The Community Peacebuilder Award honors The Abraham Fund Initiatives for advancing equality and peaceful coexistence among Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens. The Fund, founded in 1989, inspires social change by working with individuals, Israeli government institutions, the business sector, and civil society to build trust and advance justice. Read our interview with Mohammed Darawshe, Co-Executive Director of The Abraham Fund Initiatives.

The Abraham Fund Initiatives


The Connection Point Award honors Leena-Maija Talikka, founding president of Friends of Morocco in Finland. The association promotes intercultural exchange and mutual education between Moroccan and Finnish women as well as economic empowerment for Moroccan women. Read our interview with Leena-Maija.

Leena-Maija Talikka


The Generation Peace Award honors Sara Potler, founder of Dance 4 Peace, for inspiring social change through the art of movement. Since 2007 the program has worked with over 5,542 youth in 15 cities on 4 continents. Read our interview with Sara.

Sara Potler



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3 Comments to “Announcing the 2012 Women, Power, & Peace Award Winners”
  1. Alaha Ahrar says:

    Congratulations to everyone of these amazing women!
    I wish each one of them more success in their careers.
    Best regards,
    Alaha Ahrar

  2. Cristina Pudwell. says:

    Congratulations to all. Thanks to you there is hope for the future generations who are in desperate need of positive role models. May God Bless you as you continue in you work.

  3. Milet Mendoza says:

    Congratulations to all these amazing women and to so many out there unnoticed. Peace X Peace is doing great peace advocacy with so many innovative ideas. Thank you!

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