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The Muslim Ummah, Women, and Productivity

3 October 2012 No Comment

Mohammed Faris

We interviewed Mohammed Faris, the Founder and CEO of, about the inspiration behind his work and the productivity resources available to women in the Muslim community. His answers are below.

What inspires your work at Productive Muslim, and what are the major goals of the organization?

What inspires us the most at ProductiveMuslim is the untapped potential of the Muslim Ummah* to revive itself to becomes more spiritually, physically, and socially productive. We believe that a Muslim lifestyle provides a holistic approach to productivity that is beneficial in both this world and the next. Our role as an organization is to provide a platform and a one-stop shop, for the Muslim Ummah’s productivity needs. We aim to provide everything from tips, techniques, ideas, software, seminars, workshops, and training to help individuals, organizations, and (hopefully) governments become more productive.

In what ways does Productive Muslim support women who are a part of the Muslim Ummah?

ProductiveMuslim has a keen interest to support women to become more productive, not only because over half of our readership (and seminar attendees) are women but also we sincerely subscribe to the notion that if we develop the Muslim woman today, she’ll build a generation of productive citizens who can truly revive this Ummah. We currently have a project in our pipelines dedicated to Muslim women called which we hope to launch in the next year or two, inshaAllah (God willing).

What are some of the most common questions and concerns of women in the Muslim Ummah, and what kind of advice and guidance can they find on the ProductiveMuslim website?

Most of the questions asked by Muslim women revolve around balancing the multiple roles they play during their day-to-day lives. Some of these questions include: “How can I be productive in every aspect of my life?”; “How can I balance between being a good mother, wife, professional/student, and a good Muslimah all at the same time?”; “How can one develop focus in their lives so they move forward in achieving their goals instead of feeling that they are simply running around in a mill?” These are all very intelligent and very difficult questions to answer. However, ProductiveMuslim has been able to develop a 2-day seminar that provides a practical framework for Muslim men and women to answer such questions. Some of the advice we provide include: tapping into their spiritual life to help boost their productivity, simplifying their lives and reducing distractions to build their focus muscles, and managing their sleep, nutrition, and fitness levels to stay on top of things.

If there was one thing you could highlight to the world about Islam and the Muslim Ummah, what would it be?

Islam is not a “lazy” or “backward” religion that encourages its people to be unproductive. Islam is a complete way of life that has in-built mechanisms to help a Muslim lead a productive life in every domain. It demands excellence from us and always pushes us to develop ourselves and help those around us. History has shown us a glimpse of how Islam can do this during the golden age of the Islamic civilization, and we hope that with efforts such as and other similar initiatives we’ll see history repeating itself.

*Ummah is an Arabic word used to refer to the collective Muslim nation or community.

Mohammed Faris is founder & CEO of, a dynamic online enterprise dedicated to boost Productivity in the Muslim World. With a vision to inspire productivity in the Muslim Ummah, Mohammed Faris uses examples from the Holy Quran, biography of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), and Islamic history, as well as modern productivity techniques to deliver his message in a succinct practical way.


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