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Activists: Demand Justice for All Women

21 March 2013 5 Comments

Members of Praja Rajakiya Vedike (PRV), Students Islamic Organisation (SIO), Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum (KSMF), Eastern Fare Music Foundation (EFMF) and others protesting outside Bangalore Town Hall on Sunday, December 30 demanding justice for the 23-year-old student who died on 29 December. Photo Credit: Jim Ankan

Aditi Aryal

“We do not need protesters and activists fighting for us after we are raped or almost killed. We need them to fight for rights that make sure such cases never occur.”


The sensationalized news about Delhi gang rape has stirred the minds of many. Despite the anti-violence against women rallies worldwide to curb the same that ended just some days ago, a very shameful act was witnessed, a slap across every activist’s and feminist’s face.

This is the Indian capital we are talking about. The capital of a country which boasts that democracy is at its best and all is done to protect and back the rights and duties of citizens. We are referring to an emerging superpower where women are more educated, privileged, and independent than in most of South Asia. However, we are talking about a nation where the mindset still looks down on women, no matter how well developed they are.

The strong Indian media attracts the attention of all feminists, activists, protesters and well wishers of the victims to such cases. But should the media only limit its coverage to big cities? In how many rural villages are women beaten, assaulted, tortured, and killed by men almost every single day? The fact is simple. The ‘emerging superpower’ and self-proclaimed-democracy does not protect the rights and value of a woman. Forget the media; such victimized women hardly even make it into the police crime records.

Talking about crime against women in Nepal it is a whole lot different. Either crimes at such a high level do not take place everyday or they are being ignored and unreported. Once or twice we hear stories like that of a girl being killed brutally for refusing a marriage proposal or one police AIG murdering his wife. Petty crimes like drugging and then robbing are a bit more common, and victims are mostly women.

The bottom line of all these instances pertains to the fact that a woman is always not safe irrespective of where she is or how she is dressed. Many a times it is assumed and believed that a woman provokes such crimes against herself by dressing or behaving inadequately. But that is not true.  As a woman I can tell how a shadow of paranoia follows us all the way through empty lanes or even crowded public vehicles. No matter how brave one is, many encounters with men throughout the life span are uncomfortable. To be able to walk alone through an alley in the dead of night without for once being scared! That is not the reality, not just for me but for thousands of others. And this does not for once consider if you are wearing skimpy clothes or covered in a burqa. This is just how it is. And with constant instances and situations like these, the paranoia increases.

December 22, students protest the rising violence against women, Raisina Hill/ Rajpath. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Why should it be that such cases enlighten us about the maltreatment of women? Laws should be enacted in such ways that a woman can freely walk everywhere at any time. We do not need protesters and activists fighting for us after we are raped or almost killed. We need them to fight for rights that make sure such cases never occur. Also it is not repression that is the solution of these issues. Laws have tried to repress men or women from doing such acts. Even India, where the aforementioned situation occurred, has laws to protect the victim. It is the culture that should be changed, the inferior ideology and mentality of people that should be wiped out and killed from the roots. One girl raped anywhere in the world is a stain to all women and on humanity. This denies all studies and reports that humans are better than animals.

We live in a society where we are taught not to get raped and not to fight against the crime. The aftermath for a victim is very sad. The media takes away all the light after the case becomes too old for them. All protesters and activists: go back home and look for other cases. The victim is left fighting alone; fighting to make another start, fighting to find a place back in the society, and fighting to protect other women from encountering and bearing such crimes.

So who is responsible? Is it a crime to be born as a woman? Let us not just talk about the Indian girl in the capital whose case is going to fast-track court, but of all other girls who may be the future victims of such crimes. It could be me, you, or our friends and family. Will we be sidelined, neglected, and subjected to hate and sympathy throughout our lives? Will we see the perpetrators roaming freely, trying to assault another faultless naïve woman? Will everyone just always shut up about such crimes? Where are the answers and the justice?


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5 Comments to “Activists: Demand Justice for All Women”
  1. Aditi Bhaduri says:

    Im quite surprised by the tone and tenor of this article. Does not seem to be someone who has peace or peace-building in her mind. For someone based in Nepal, the sentiments expressed about India seem to be particularly vituperative. Wonder why.

  2. Daniel S. Moskowitz says:

    I think that many of these Men have some sort of Ecopsychiatrically related Mental Health Problem in many of these Cases. How can the Gang Rape of a Bicycling Swiss Tourist in India be explained? This Swiss Tourist was not competing with Indian MEN in the Workforce. She was actually bringing REVENUE to India. There is no Rational Reaaction. However, I study Ecopsychology and Ecopsychiatry, and I really believe that Many Human Beings are have trouble Adapting to Abuse of the Earths Environment and Global Warming. I must share an Excellent Report by an Ecopsychiatrist from Pakistan on this Page, which I oftentimes share with People on Facebook.

  3. Daniel S. Moskowitz says:

    Amin A. Muhammad Gadit is an “Ecopsychiatrist” from Pakistan. I believe that it is Urgent that we all try to Understand this Reality rather than Simply Blaming the Islamic Religion or people with Certain Racial Features for Causing these Sorts of Problems. The Damage to the Biosphere is impacting all of us. It’s just that some of us reach a Breaking Point where we “snap” and become Irrationally Aggressive towards others like a “Beast”.

  4. Onni Milne says:

    I think the above article is well stated. As a woman, I agree it is time to change the mindset of all our societies. I live in Canada, a “developed” country, not India or Africa. Even here, I hear constant reports of women are being beaten, raped or killed. Women are turned into punching bags for men with egos and psychotic tendencies that proclaim them lord and master of the universe, especially their little territory. I look forward to the day when women can walk on Mother Earth without fear, knowing they are loved and cherished. I will do what I can to make that happen.

  5. Adah Mbah says:

    I think that as a woman I have the responsibility to support and fight against any act of Violence which is affecting women all over the world. The mentality and the social construct put in place makes the fight for equality really slow. Women should check out what women are going through because the woman has a hidden world inside which stands as a barrier for her advancement and progress in this fight. Most women are afraid to speak out because they may lose their marriages, children, friends and communities. So women should create an enabling environment to support their sisters, so that crimes like rape, Gender based violence and unequal opportunities shall all become things of old. Woman for woman is our force.

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