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19 April 2013 One Comment

Gowri Koneswaran


By Gowri Koneswaran

we’re taught to hold hands
when we cross the street
or walk with our mothers in parking lots or
navigate crowds with a friend and
don’t want to come out alone

hold hands with whomever is closest
when the power goes out
when the sirens come near
when the moving of men marches
silences into the corner

hold hands when
they come calling,
when they threaten,
“this is necessary to
teach you a lesson” or
“this is necessary
to protect you”

hold hands when we stand still,
when we walk, when
we run
when they tell us to
when they tell us
to do anything

hold hands when we
fall from the sky,
with or without parachute
when we leap from tall buildings,
with or without
the ability to fly

hold hands with the ones who
look like us,
talk like us,
believe like us

hands like fragile boxes or bombs,
things that could break or explode

each finger a troop in the human army
each gesture a shield

This poem was originally posted on Split This Rock.


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One Comments to “Hold”
  1. Daniel Moskowitz says:

    As I age I am witnessing a Rise in Factionalism. No, we don’t always want to “Hold Hands” with people we don’t Trust. The Factionalism might not be Racial, Ethnic or Religious Sectarianism, but it develops over Ideas about Power…..about who should be in Control, and over Gender Relations. For Example, my Uncle Isaac and I were suppose to receive an INHERITANCE when my Uncle Shea, an Ultra-Orthodox Jew, died in Israel, but, rapidly the Mistrust grew between my Uncle Isaac and I, and the Orthodox Jew, handling my Uncle Shea’s Estate. So, now, my Uncle Isaac says he doesn’t want the Money and he doesn’t want me to contact these Orthodox Jewish People. Yes, we are of the same Tribe or Ethnic Group, but, no, we are not “Holding Hands”.
    Excellent Poem by the Way.

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