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Muslim Angel: A Poem

11 April 2013 5 Comments

Muslim Angel: A Poem
By 2Deep the Poetess


Rush Hour

Dim light

The sound of the hustle and bustle of destined feet rush by

Head bobbing to the rhythm of modern complacency

Conformed to public transportation etiquette

2Deep the Poetess





Muslim angel,

Because such a thing exists,

Dressed in full, all white garb

Hijab edges outlined in sea-foam blue,

Magnifying her faith 10 times over,

Wonders towards me in a 5th attempt to gain assistance

Previous attempts brushed off by head turns

Flaps of Express newspapers in response to her

Popping like bullets of insults

As headlines of Osama’s demise dangle in her face

As if to say, “Look at what we can do to your kind, here in America”

I saw this

In that moment, I was not proud to be an American

If this was, in fact, the way an American should act

I knew it was not her Farsi trained tongue exercising broken English

That made them ignore her requests

I understood her just fine

Help me”, sprang from her lips

And translated to comprehension via my eyes

Before I even removed my headphones

I asked if she could repeat herself

Good Morning”, she said

Help me, please.

Van Dorn.”

Without second thought I took the metro map out of her hand

Took her hand in my other and said, “Follow me.

I will take you.”

A gasp schoolyard bullied its way out of the throat of the Caucasian woman standing next to me

Eavesdropping getting the best of her

My original mission of getting to work on time escaping me

This was bigger than me

Something greater inside of me whispered

Do not let go of her hand.”

And I obeyed

Seemingly safe within the metal cage

Transporting civilians into the breast of the Confederacy

Older Black woman sang disgust

Like a house negro gawking

As if I was a field negro threatening to bring mud into the big house

Exercising her Jim Crow

Removing herself from the front of the car, next to us, to sit elsewhere

Muslim Angel and I stuck out like sore thumbs

Comparison to Freedom Bus rides

We sat front seat at society’s counter

Demanding we be served respect

Express newspaper under my thigh

Feeling guilty for seeking out current events

For today I now knew

I was not proud to be an American

She was I and I was she

And here we sat

Traveling to a place where only one of us knew how to get to

Me to Van Doren

She to a place where she could brave the prejudice and still keep her chin high while seeking help

She needing to know what I knew and vice versa

Yet we sat in silence

Communicating through squeezed palms

Praying to one another for remaining true to who they were

And though she spoke Farsi and I English

We both managed, somehow, to speak human

And we continued to hold on to one another

Next stop Van Doren”, rang over the intercom

Promised land for her and I

As I walked her out to the platform of her destination

Allah shook God’s hand


And said many thanks

All the while I noticed we never said bye

Never shared names

Yet knowing we were sisters just the same

Understanding our coexistence in the midst of those who merely exist


2Deep has certainly made a name for herself in the poetry community since 2006 by performing at Ottawa University (Canada), Cornell University, and opening for the late Gill Scott-Heron in 2009. She was a member of Busboys and Poets’ 2009 Slam Team, Word War II Champion, and the Busboys and Poets’ Slam Master. Having her Bachelors of Fine Arts and Masters of Fine Arts degrees gave her a solid foundation from which she could build her creative empire. Her book, Spoken Heard, is one of her greatest accomplishment. You can find her every 2nd Thursday at Busboys and Poets Hyattsville and every 2nd Friday at the 11th Hour Slam at Busboys and Poets 14th & V Location. 


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5 Comments to “Muslim Angel: A Poem”
  1. Daniel S. Moskowitz says:

    Without any criticism of the Poet, I have to confess that, in speaking with a Muslim Female friend from SYRIA here in Denver, she wished that Osama Bin Laden had been “knocked off” a lot sooner. She felt that the 9/11 incident led to greater RACIAL PROFILING of Muslims that had not been the Case Previously. She felt that Al-Qaeda DENEGRATED the Islamic Religion more than any Non-Muslim “Enemies”. Then, she felt that people didn’t like her to wear the hijab any more after 9/11, when, in reality, she does not insist that OTHER Muslim Women wear the Hijab or even that other People be “Morally Conservative”. This is just her Personal Choice. So, I think that many MUSLIM AMERICANS would like to Write a Poem of RAGE against Al-Qaeda for disrupting their Lives and fueling Suspicion among other Members of the Community!

  2. Onni Milne says:

    Lovely! Thank you for this example of kindness and respect through a small action. That’s all it takes to help make the world a safer place. That’s all it takes for someone who is a stranger, afraid and unaware of the customs to find their way.

  3. Daniel Moskowitz says:

    I think that the point I was trying to make is that many Muslims here in Colorado don’t blame all the Americans who stereotyped and discriminated against them as much at they blame TERRORISTS for Giving people a FALSE IMPRESSION about Islam. Of course, this sort of Poem would be a somewhat different sort of Message. And, of course, many Jewish People also feel that the Israeli Government has desecrated the Torah and the Jewish Religion in a similar Fashion. Oftentimes, the Greatest Enemies of any particular Faith Tradition are the Extremists and Fanatics, which cause the Youth to Drift away.

  4. Jenny Beutel says:

    I have just read and listened to Muslim Angel: A Poem
    By 2Deep the Poetess, I found it to be sad that yes this happens but more importantly that others are there who are respectful, helpful have integrity and give us hope that we are a Human race that cares and wants there to be a different way – Peace, wisdom and respect.

    Thank you

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