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The Founding Moms: Peace, Sanity, and Profitability

21 May 2013 No Comment

Jill Salzman

Jill Salzman
Chicago, Illinois  

In the three years that I’ve run The Founding Moms, I never expected that we would take any part in building peace around the world. It was not my intention when we started off. But that’s precisely what’s became of our grassroots organization.

When I launched my first meeting of mom entrepreneurs via in 2010, I invited any woman in my small town who had a business and had babies to meet up. At the time, I was running two businesses and was pregnant with my second child. I’d gotten a bit fearful of how I was going to do it all! How would I run two businesses with two babies? Could I maintain profitability and sanity? What I set out to do was merely answer my own questions about professional fulfillment. Little did I know that connecting mom entrepreneurs would set off a series of changes around the globe, changes that would make huge differences in women’s lives.

The Founding Moms now hosts monthly, kid-friendly meetings in 40+ cities — including Australia, Canada, The Netherlands, Singapore, Poland, Mexico, and Croatia. We focus on educating women about how to grow their businesses. Since we offer practical business information and education, we attract entrepreneurs who want answers. Through motivational speakers and inspiring discussions, we move our members forward in their quest to understand their companies better. They leave able to apply the lessons of the day to their companies and, often, are thrilled by the results. What I’ve found most interesting (and most rewarding) about our meetings is that the more educated these women are about business, the more confident they leave the table. The more confident they feel, the more energized they are to connect with and help others. Entire communities of Founding Moms have contributed to their local economies, both in enterprise and in attitude, all because of face-to-face interaction with like-minded women who support, nurture, and grow together. We’re literally building peaceful communities, one entrepreneur at a time.

Jill + Globe!

It’s an amazing thing to watch a member’s evolution from aspiring entrepreneur to full-fledged businesswoman. Molly arrived to her first Founding Moms’ Exchange knowing full well that she wanted to run her own business. She was admittedly embarrassed for not having a plan and daring to show up to a room full of CEOs who “seemed to know what they were doing.” But she was patient. She listened. She contributed where she could, since she had a corporate marketing background, and she absorbed stories, advice, and tips from the other women in the room. After seven months of winding her way through her own interests and the obstacles that others talked about at the meetings, it struck her. It just so happened that over the course of those months spent listening, she discovered that not only could she become a marketing consultant working for herself, but she’d found a new niche market – helping moms who run their own businesses. With that, she launched her new business. She’s been profitable ever since her launch, and her roster of clients are thrilled with her work.

There is no better way to strengthen women’s roles in building peace than by educating us. The knowledge that we can use to build our businesses makes us more profitable, more stable, and more confident. We can employ people. We can contribute not only to our personal welfare but to the welfare of our local community and possibly national or international communities as well. Here’s hoping that The Founding Moms can continue on its quest to bring peace, love, and profitability to women everywhere.


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