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Mama’s Motto

30 July 2013 No Comment

Pamela (r) with her mother Geraldine

Pamela Passaretta
United States

Mama’s Motto

I’m literally afraid of being afraid.
So I choose to be unafraid.

It was 1970
Peaceful students at Kent State
Protested the Vietnam War
They were shot on National TV
Americans watched.
My brother, sister and I
Wore black wrist bands in mourning.
Mom made our elementary school principal lower the flag
Out of respect for the fallen.
We moved to Spain that August to start a new life.

Now living in the States
Guns are in the hands of students killing other students
Terrorism is rampant―
Outside this land, inside this land, on this land.

So I choose to be unafraid.


This poem originally appeared in the DC Federal Poets Chapbook. Pamela’s mother Geraldine Lewis recounted this and similar incidents in a June 2011 PeaceTimes about the many faces of patriotism.levitra online no prescription

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