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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Peace X Peace do?

Peace X Peace uses e-media and online communication to amplify the voices of women and others who have been historically disregarded in decisions about war, peace, and the allocation of resources. We are an interactive resource for the global public and policymakers about women’s distinctive experiences and peacebuilding accomplishments. Recognizing that each and every one of us – me and YOU – has a vital role in sustainable peace, we engage individuals in creative and critical thinking as they share diverse perspectives and act together.

What is the difference between subscribing to e-media and joining the Peace X Peace Community?

When you subscribe to Peace X Peace E-Media you join our mailing list. We will email you every week with a digest of new commentary, fresh Voices from the Frontlines, and announcements about women, justice, and peace. Once a month you will also receive PeaceTimes, our e-zine with in-depth peacebuilder profiles, calls to actions, and reports on progress and challenges in peacebuilding. We encourage you to read and comment on the blogs, submit your story to Voices from the Frontlines, and make suggestions for articles in PeaceTimes. Our e-media depends on your contributions and backtalk!

The Peace X Peace Community is another place to connect, communicate and contribute your ideas about women’s power to build peace. The Community functions like other social networks in that you create a profile and connect with other members by commenting on their profile, participating in forum discussions, and joining Groups. The Peace X Peace Community is the place to encourage each others’ creative responses, learn what’s happening in other parts of the world, and share your own experience and wisdom.

What does writing and reading blogs, joining a social network, or watching videos have to do with building peace?

Across the globe women and men are hard at work building peace in their families, communities, and societies. The internet enables us to connect with each other, learn from and support one another, and multiply the impact of individual expertise and experience.

Who is a member of Peace X Peace?

Anyone who is committed to peace is welcome to be part of Peace X Peace. Whether you are a reader, writer, practitioner, activist, policymaker, donor, academic, artist, mother, father, or committed community member, your voice is vital to a culture of peace. We want to hear from YOU.

Is Peace X Peace only for women?

Sustainable peace depends on women and men working in partnership, each contributing their unique perspectives and skills. We welcome men to share their experience promoting peace and supporting women’s power to build peace.

I learned about Peace X Peace a long time ago. There used to be a Global Network and Circles for me to join. What happened to those?

The Peace X Peace team is committed to regular self-evaluation to ensure that we are using our resources most effectively and efficiently. In the past, we had the most impact by enabling women to connect with each other in Circles online and in-person. As internet technology improves we see it is critical to amplify women’s perspectives and solutions for wider audiences. The same Circle Principles still guide us as we strive to raise women’s voices and build cultures of peace.

How can I support Peace X Peace?

Peace X Peace depends on your contributions and your feedback. Read and comment on our blogs. Submit a story to Voices from the Frontlines. Join the Peace X Peace Community . Tell your friends and colleagues about us. And please, make a tax-deductible donation. However you choose to support Peace X Peace, we look forward to hearing from you.

If I make a donation, what does my money do?

Peace is priceless, but it isn’t free. Your tax-deductible donation will help us reach more women and men in farther and farther places. We need resources to coordinate outreach to women whose voices are typically not heard; to maintain the online community, the blogs and other e-media resources that connect women; and to cover and open new channels for raising and connecting women’s voices.

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