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  1. I believe that transferring skills and experiences is good way to ensure that desired peace can be achieved and sustained beyond our lifetime.

    Therefore, I will like to share my experiences especially from the field of practice of peacebuilding and conflict transformation in Nigeria and from academic perspective.

  2. [...] X Peace calls on women from all over the world who have experience in peacebuilding to apply to be a mentor for our spring [...]

  3. Vicki Fields says:

    I like you feel that personal interaction on all levels between women can be a powerful force for world peace. My prayers reach out to all women worldwide with all types of faith to become truly sisters working for the good of all mankind.

  4. Joy Meeker says:

    Thanks for setting up a way to offer and receive mentoring for those who are most interested and who have not yet found the mentoring or support they need. Happy to to nurture capacities/hope for a more just and sustainable world.

  5. Roselyn Ekanem says:

    Women suffer most at war situation. We need to preach peace to our husbands and children.Women and youths can be positively engaged.

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