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Peace through Mentorship

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Interested in Mentorship? Leadership? Click here to find resources. [1]

*We are currently accepting applications!*

Peace X Peace calls on women from all over the world who have experience in peacebuilding to apply to be a mentor [2] or mentee [3] for our spring session!

Session dates are as follows:

March 11- April 28

Mentors are asked to commit 30-40 minutes each week (for a duration of 8 weeks) to the program.  Complete our mentor application form [2].

Mentees are asked to commit 30-40 minutes each week (for a duration of 8 weeks) to the program. Complete our mentee application form [4].


This program is designed to foster a network of professional relationships between young women seeking to build peace and advance through their chosen professions and older women who seek to share their wisdom and experience. Mentors will be asked to provide mentees with guidance on career choices, answer questions about professional development, assist with developing resumes and finding internships and other opportunities, and instill in the mentee a sense of urgency and passion for peace and women’s rights. We want to ensure that the next generation of women are able to carry the torch for peace and empowerment by learning from the wisdom of those who have gone before them.  As it is becoming increasingly important to empower women to stand for peace, this program is offering the chance for young women to gain extra support to be able to make a big difference

Time Commitment

We ask mentors and mentees to commit to 30 minutes every week for two months. We recommend that calls/skype be 30 minutes each week on the same day and at the same time. Pairs will communicate their weekly meeting time with our mentorship coordinator prior to the first meeting. The pair can continue on after the initial time period, but consistency at the beginning is important to develop a rapport and to help the mentee develop specific plans and next steps.


Matching: The matching will be done by us through an application process in which we will pair the most compatible mentor with a mentee. This will be based on the five criteria for the different categories as well as those who fit our mission at Peace X Peace.  Once the pairs are made there will be an initial phone call with our Mentorship Coordinator and the mentor/mentee to introduce them and get them acquainted with what is going to happen.

From then on we will pose a suggested conversation starter/question for each meeting to ensure they are getting something out of the partnership and have focused conversations. At the end of the program there will be an evaluation questionnaire to see what they both got out of it and see what can be improved

Mentoring Categories

1) Peace Media

Women everywhere are successfully using media to promote peace and women’s empowerment. This mentor will be in the media profession, someone who has experience with publications, video, radio, television, or social media. She will mentor young women who are interested in gaining skills in one of the above-listed fields.

2) Peacebuilding/Mediation

This category is specifically for women who work in peacebuilding, mediation, conflict resolution, or international relations. Women in this field are on the frontlines of the peace movement and will be able to mentor young women who seek to enter these fields.

3) Peace Arts and Peace Education

Peacebuilding pioneer Johan Galtung defines peace as nonviolence plus empathy and creativity. Mentors in this category will be artists whose work builds peace, peace educators, peace-minded mental health professionals, and experts in Nonviolent communication.  Mentors will share their strategies for building peace through education and the arts with young women seeking to do the same.

4) Connection Point (Arab, Muslim, Western)

In 2011 Peace X Peace started the Connection Point project, which seeks to break down stereotypes and other barriers between Arab, Muslim, and mainstream Western women. A Connection Point mentor will be an Arab or Muslim woman mentoring a young Western woman or a Western professional mentoring a young Arab or Muslim woman. Their relationship will build peace while the young woman gains the guidance she needs in her chosen career path.

5) Entrepreneurs/Professionals

This is a broad category that can include most professions and business areas. We are seeking professional women with an affinity for peace in their daily lives, whether or not it is the focus of their work. This woman will be able to guide young women seeking a career in the same field who want to make room for their passion for peace in the bustling corporate world.

If you have any questions, please contact our Mentorship Coordinator, Nawal Rajeh at mentorship@peacexpeace.org [5].

Please note: Because this is a program focused on women’s professional development, we will not consider applications from men. 


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