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Mentorship Evaluation Form

Thank you for participating in Peace through Mentorship, a project of Peace X Peace. We would appreciate your feedback on the program so we can help improve it further.  Please email the responses to abby@peacexpeace.org.


How did you find this mentorship relationship?

Was it of value to you and mentor/mentee? Why/Why not?

What did you like about the program itself?

What suggestions would you make for improving this program?

Would you like to be a mentor again?

2 Comments to “Mentorship Evaluation Form”
  1. Baranaye Diana Bokolo says:

    I found the mentorship relationship to be good, and it was of great value to me. This is so due to the fact that I got to learn that peace work is a passion and must not be for pay but for the good of humanity.
    I like the fact that the program paired me with someone from another country who has had experience in the same field.
    I would suggest that timezone differences be taken into consideration when pairing mentors/mentees.
    I am currently a mentee but would not mind being a mentor after one more year in the field.

  2. Theresa Anderson says:

    I am finding my mentorship relationship to be very fulfilling. My mentee and I have a lot in common and share many similar qualities. The learning goes both ways. Having completed my Masters in COnflict Transformation, I am glad to be paired with someone who is pursuing a Masters in Conflict/Peace Studies as we are able to discuss the theories being studied. I do feel that I am able to sufficiently meet the needs of my mentee. My experience from a corporate and non-profit background is beneficial to my mentee. Currently at this time I am working on things from home so the time differences are not proving to be an issues. I think this is an invaluable program as it allows us to expand our peace community, relationships and contacts. I would of course like to continue as a mentor in the program.

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