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Mentorship Questions

The staff at Peace X Peace has developed a set of questions to help guide the mentorship experience and ensure a positive and enriching experience for both women. These questions are guidelines and as the relationship develops other questions can be asked and added.


Mentor asks:

    • What do you see are your strengths (ie working with people, doing research, writing)?
    • Which field does your education and experience most directly prepare you for?
    • Which field would you really like to work in? (not necessarily the same)
    • Where would you like to work?
    • What was the most satisfying work or volunteer experience you’ve had so far? What made it so good?
    • What ideally would you like to be doing next year?
    • What are your long-term career goals?
    • What are the challenges preventing you from getting to where you want to be (personal, financial, structural, etc)?
    • What can you do differently tomorrow to meet those challenges?
    • How do you see your work as contributing to peace?
    • Would you like me to look over your resume? (Mentor can help give advice)
    • How can I help / where do you need the most help?

      Mentee asks:

        • What was the most satisfying work or volunteer experience you’ve had so far? What made it so good?
        • What education and experience did you need to achieve your goals?
        • Is that the only path, or are there others?
        • What lessons have you learned that you’d like to pass on? (Or, What do you wish an older woman had told you when you were just getting started?)
        • How do you see your work as contributing to peace?
        • What do you think should be my next steps?
        • Would you be willing to introduce me to some colleagues in your field?
        • What readings would you suggest for me? What professional organizations?
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          1. Lottie Mwale says:

            Working with People and writing
            I have done social development, Monitoting and Evaluation. My experience is more working with NGO doing the HIV and AIDS activities. worked with people living with HIV, TB patients, provide guidance on formulating Acommunity Based organisation within the commuity. I have worked in this area for more than 15years now. I have also aquired some accademic qualification in theology at Diploma level.In 2007 asgned to open a branch that currently very operational.
            The field: educating people on health related issues and conflict management. Where possible can also provide christian education.
            I would like to work anywhere were there is ned for my service.
            It is common in Afircan countries that volunteers do not need to be paid. I strated a group of volunteers in 1996. The group was working on educating the community on Hygine, HIV and AIDS Prevention, use of family planning. The other success is the formation of the penetecostal church that has now a total membership of 500 people. next year iwould like to continue with my distance learning education on project management at a degree levle.The challeng that is there to get me to what i want to is just some limitation in some books that are very much needed.SHare broadly with firends on network to get some materials.My work contributing to peace is that i have the capacity to deal with issues to do with conflict, and also abel to build group concepts in people who may have the same ,provide counselling skills.
            It owuld be good for you to look at my resume and advise on how i would go about contributing to peace effectively.

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