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[19 Nov 2008 | 5 Comments | ]

Commentary by Molly Mayfield Barbee
Last week the United Nations General Assembly hosted an interfaith conference on religious tolerance, promoting “dialogue, understanding and tolerance among human beings as well as for respect for all religions, cultures and beliefs.” Most notable about that event was how little press coverage it received. If you’re like me, you might have missed it altogether.
The conference had a few naysayers, but the general commentary has been positive—noting particularly the productive contributions of King Abduallah of Saudi Arabia. And although no one declared the event to …

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My Art Says: No More War, Anywhere, Ever!

In 1975 the Vietnam War threw me halfway around the world to Alaska so I could meet my cousins, the Aleuts and the Inuits and the Russians. Eskimo culture was my first Western culture, and it proved to me the strength of humans to survive. These were frontier women – rock the baby, skin the bear, rock the baby – doing what they had to, to survive, just like Vietnamese women.
In Alaska I could throw away the negative parts of my Eastern heritage, keep the endurance and the …

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- by Mary Liston Liepold
US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin envisions a role larger than that of the typical Veep if her party wins. And Palin’s ambition is just one drop in a tide that is sweeping the world. After the long, long struggle to win the vote (still being waged in Saudi Arabia, where 2009 is an election year and some look for change), women everywhere are moving into politics and moving from politics to governance. We are steadily approaching a world with “more sway and less swagger,” in Swanee Hunt’s memorable …

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