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Why Noblesse Oblige Isn’t Enough

Elizabeth Barrett
United States

“On any given day, new people are born into varied circumstances all around the world.  They may arrive into a poor family in Yemen or a wealthy one in Manhattan – through no intention of their own.”
Bay Area writer Michael Lewis’s recent Princeton commencement address has attracted a lot of attention. He told the privileged college graduates that luck plays a huge role in success and accomplishment in life.
Lewis is absolutely right that it takes resources and connections to be successful, and that people who have them should …

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Muslim Feminists on the Internet

Sadia Ali
Middle East

“…while one can maintain that Islam as a religion may not need feminism, when it comes to predominantly Muslim societies in which patriarchal systems prevail, many will argue that feminism is needed.”
About seven years ago I was introduced to the Blogosphere and began following the blogs of Muslims who discussed a variety of topics from halal food to polygamy. I live in the Middle East region, and from the blogs of Western Muslims I saw an obvious difference between the way Islam is practiced by Muslims living in …

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Peace Links: How Should You Report on War?

Just a handful of links this week, but they’re nice and juicy, with plenty to sink your teeth into.

The Atlantic asks what has to change for women to “have it all.”
Attacks on art in Tunisia, from Global Voices
Guernica Magazine tackles the morality of contemporary war coverage.
Rodney King died this week – how does a neighborhood come back after violent riots?  Find out in this piece about South Central LA ten years after the riots there.

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