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Palestinians, Israelis Shape New Reality through Dialogue (Part I)

Laura Shaz

“In general, people here consider meeting Israelis as kind of betrayal.  I believed that any kind of contact or talking with Israelis was like betraying my country and ignoring the long history of suffering of my people,” said Faras, a Palestinian.  
Every moment is an opportunity for change.  What can you do to be the change in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict?  In intimate interviews with Faras, Goni, Fadwa and Yuval,* four dialogue-group participants, I chronicle the real and honest transformations of these women and men from victims of a war between East and …

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The Power of Specificity

Caroline Anderson
Blog and Social Media Manager
“How can we tell the stories of specific people in specific places while still revealing broader truths?”
A couple of weeks ago I came across the Writers Bloc project on Guernica Magazine. (Big shout-out for Guernica, by the way – if you’re not reading it, you should be!) The project, as introduced by the indomitable Zadie Smith, seeks to produce development journalism that is “… not especially concerned with a man’s eternal soul or his statistical representation, but with his life.” Specifically[mll1] , this project focuses on …

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A Decade Later: <em>We have the means so why don’t we have peace?</em>

Patricia Smith
Peace X Peace Founder
“Where is common financial sense in terms of the dollars — not counting human loved ones — required to build peace as compared with the hundred-fold dollars spent on destruction through war?”

In 2002 when I founded Peace X Peace, we were the first social network connecting women around the world. The term “online social network” didn’t even exist. Cascading connection was a gleam in the eyes of six women gathered at my home in January 2002 to answer the question “What is peace, and how can …

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