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Voices from the Frontlines: Guidelines

Guidelines for Writers

Everyone has a story to tell. Every effort and every accomplishment deserves to be recognized. Are you shaking up the old ways of living and shaping new ways? Are you struggling to hold onto valuable traditions or practices in the face of change? This is your chance to influence what people around the world know about your country, organization, profession, or passion.

Your story does not have to be polished or professional – just a simple account of what life is like from your perspective.

The basics:

  • Aim for a length of 600 words. 900 words is the upper limit.
  • Write from your personal perspective. The strength of Voices is that they are first-person accounts.
  • Include your location (Country).
  • Attach a photo of you or the people and events described in the post.

Some tips as you write:

  • The most compelling (and widely read) posts make a personal connection. For example, if you are writing about an issue, tell why you care about that issue. If you are writing about an event, include an anecdote from the event.
  • Ask yourself: How does the story you are telling relate to peace and women’s role in building peace?
  • The experiences described can be large or small; they can be in the voice of the activist or in the voice of a witness.
  • We welcome stories about challenges or accomplishments or both. If you are describing a challenge, though, please give readers at least a glimpse of hope.
  • Is there an action you would like readers to take after reading your post? If so, be clear about what that action is.

We publish 3-4 new Voices every week. Examples of recent topics include teaching interfaith understanding in the United States, female peace committees in the Niger Delta, women affected by the floods in Pakistan, parliamentary politics in Australia, and practices of non-violent communication in the Philippines.

To read past Voices from the Frontlines click here.

To submit a story or ask your questions email yasmina(a)peacexpeace.org.

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