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Women and men express their viewpoints and share their perspectives in a weekly column. These columns form the groundwork for a discourse across cultural and religious boundaries.

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[23 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
Knowing the Revolution by Heart

Caroline Ayoub
Damascus, Syria
“I had decorated Easter chocolate eggs with ribbons, and on each ribbon I wrote a verse from both the Bible and the Quran, because I wanted the Syrian children to be aware of our unity.”
Throughout the past year many came to understand the complexities of the Syrian society, and women’s roles in this society are no exception. The male/female roles in Syrian society have changed a lot since the beginning of the Syrian revolution. Many Syrian women who had been prisoners to a routine lifestyle broke the status …

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[23 May 2013 | 2 Comments | ]
The New Red Line in Syria: One American's Perspective

Elaine Tucci
United States 

“What if this woman were your neighbor? Would you take notice then? Can you imagine living in such an environment? You might want to try. It might be time to tune in.”
Humans are very good at creating false boundaries. We have carved up our continents into approximately 196 nations (we still squabble about some of these) and so divided we stand. We have frontiers for expanding (or seizing), margins for pushing, precincts to cast our vote, confines and limitations to overcome, fences to keep in or out, and of …

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[3 May 2013 | 3 Comments | ]
Muslimah: I am a Muslim Woman

Muslimah: I am a Muslim Woman
Fatimah Tazkia, Indonesia
I am a woman. I am Muslim. I wear hijab.
I am a woman who people will think of as helpless and in need of saving.
I am a woman who people will think of as jailed.
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They say, “This hijab covering your hair restricts you from doing many things.”
They say, “These loose clothes you wear keep you from taking part in your society.”
I am a woman who people will think of as a rebel.
Because in their mind, I have to sneak out …

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[24 Apr 2013 | 2 Comments | ]
A Feminist by Any Other Name Smells Just as Sweet

Alessandra L. González
United States 
“They didn’t have to call themselves feminists to fight for women’s equality in public and private life.”
The first Kuwaiti I ever met told me straightforwardly, “I am a feminist.” Then she gave me a book entitled Women in Kuwait by Haya Al-Mughni and said, “Take a look at this.” And thus began my seven-year journey into the topic of women and politics in the majority Muslim country of Kuwait. As I began my graduate studies, I had a family connection that enabled me to travel to Kuwait, and …