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Women and men express their viewpoints and share their perspectives in a weekly column. These columns form the groundwork for a discourse across cultural and religious boundaries.

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[6 Sep 2012 | One Comment | ]
Street Children in Morocco Need Help

Yasmina Mrabet
Kenitra, Morocco
“Morocco is a country with a culture of almsgiving, so street children will almost always find something to eat and clothes to wear. However, food and clothes are not all that is necessary to address and alleviate their dire circumstances.”
The problem of street children in Morocco is widespread. They are born into extreme poverty, and they can be found living in the streets as early as the age of 6 or 7. It is a method of survival – some to gather money for their families, some to …

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[5 Sep 2012 | 3 Comments | ]
Gazan Women: Resilient and Innovative

“[I want] readers to understand Gaza and its people, women included, in a different light:  not as victims of unspeakable tragedy or beggars awaiting the next aid convoy, but as human beings who are resilient and innovative despite the extreme circumstances they live under…”
Connection Point Director Yasmina Mrabet interviewed Palestinian author Laila El-Haddad  about her  experiences, perspectives, and work as a writer and media activist. Her responses are below.
Can you tell us a little about your personal background and experience as a Palestinian woman living in the United States, and …

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[30 Aug 2012 | No Comment | ]
We Are a Grassroots Feminist Media Monitor

“We aim to empower women and strengthen their relationship with their body image and self-esteem by criticizing the mainstream media discourse that stereotypes their roles and objectifies their bodies.”
The authors of this article will remain anonymous to ensure their personal safety.
We are Kherrberr. We are not an organization. Rather, we are a grassroots feminist media monitor. Kherrberr in Arabic means dental drill, and the concept behind it is that we aim to remove cavities and decay from the media—specifically, sexism, racism, homophobia, and violence. Our activists are kept anonymous to …

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[28 Aug 2012 | 7 Comments | ]
What Does “Dialogue” Do for Peace among Israelis and Palestinians?

Richard Forer
United States

“Dialogue groups place Palestinians in a position where, in order to share their experience with Israelis, they are compelled to acquiesce to a distorted reality. If they refuse, they are perceived as  . . . disinterested in peace.”
A couple of years ago, a secular Israeli High School refused to allow its students to form an Israel-Palestine dialogue group. Reports indicated that the school’s principal was concerned participation would reduce the rate of students serving in the Israeli Defense Forces. Apparently, from the principal’s perspective, Israel’s need for security …