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[31 Oct 2009 | 7 Comments | ]
<em>PeaceTimes</em> Edition 98. Singing for Our Lives: The Absolute Necessity of Peace Art

by Mary Liston Liepold
Peace studies pioneer Johan Galtung defines peace as nonviolence plus creativity. Yes, we eschew violence. But it’s what we do, what we make, that builds the peace. And perhaps the best of what we make as humans is our art.
Yet art, like peace, is often defined by what it’s not. Is it creativity primarily for its own sake, the play of the spirit, as opposed to the gainful activity that western and northern cultures, at least, prioritize as serious, adult, even virtuous? In these cultures, grand public …

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[30 Sep 2009 | 3 Comments | ]
<em>PeaceTimes</em> Edition 97. Peace Education Breaks Out All Over

- by Mary Liston Liepold

“The best option for development in Africa is peace education,” Professor Karega Mutahi, Permanent Secretary in Kenya’s Ministry of Education, told colleagues from seven African nations in Mombasa on September 14 of this year. On September 16, the last day of a three-day peace education conference sponsored by the Kenyan Education Ministry and the Association for Development Education in Africa (ADEA), ministers from Kenya, Angola, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Uganda, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo issued a joint communiqué agreeing to add “a dimension …

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[28 Aug 2009 | 4 Comments | ]
<em>PeaceTimes</em> Edition 96. “This Story Will Not Die”: A Cry from Korea for Human Rights and Peace

- by Mary Liston Liepold
During World War II, many thousands of women were forced to serve the Japanese army as sexual slaves. The majority were from Korea, and many came from China and Japan, but women from the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Dutch East Indies, the Netherlands, Australia, Indonesia, New Guinea, Burma, and other nations were also interned and abused in the hideously mis-named “comfort stations.”
Since the facts began to emerge from the hush of history in 1988, the survivors and their supporters have led a growing global …

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[28 Jul 2009 | 11 Comments | ]
<em>PeaceTimes</em> Edition 95. Suraya Pakzad, A Woman of Courage

- by Mary Liston Liepold
Earlier in this decade, US-led military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq came wrapped up in gallant language about saving the women from fundamentalist oppression. Some segments of the public bought it, both in the West and in those countries. Astute women everywhere knew better.
Instead of looking for a hero on a white horse, or in a desert-camouflage Humvee, the women we admire most set out to save themselves and each other. They were willing to work with anyone who could support their struggles, at least in …