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Voices from the Frontlines are first-person reports on what is happening around the world, how it impacts women, and how women are building cultures of peace. We encourage submissions from everyone, including YOU!

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[17 Oct 2012 | No Comment | ]
Microfinance Creates Healthy Foundations for Women

Meghan Johnson
Cartagena, Colombia
“The goal is to create opportunity and agency for the residents of one of the poorest cities in Colombia, and they’ve made enormous differences for thousands of families – 7,000 so far, in fact.”
“What does it mean to you to have a floor?”
I stared blankly.  Floor?  Well, you can’t have a house without a floor.  Linoleum?  Hardwood?  Tile?  What the heck does she mean, what does it mean?
Isabela continued in Spanish.  ”I asked the women, what does it mean to you to now have a floor in your …

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[16 Oct 2012 | One Comment | ]
Ntankah Village Women Work Tirelessly for Change in Cameroon

Theresa Fonjia Morfaw
Ntankah, Cameroon
The work of the Ntankah Village Women Common Initiative Group has been recognized nationally and internationally with numerous awards, including the Red Ribbon Award, the Cordaid Award, The Guardian’s post award, and the Watchdog Award as NGO of the Year. The Coordinator of Ntankah was also recognized with an award by YWCA in Kenya as one of 14 women leading change around the world.
The Ntankah Village Women Common Initiative Group is a grassroots women’s self-help group incorporated in Cameroon under the law on cooperatives and common initiative …

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[1 Oct 2012 | One Comment | ]
I Am a Woman, Count Me In!

Jasmin Nario-Galace
“I use every power in my tiny frame to ensure state support for gender inclusion. I tirelessly walk the halls of the conference rooms, approaching delegates, reminding them to engender the agreement. I email them. I give them lobby materials. I peacefully nag them until they see the words “gender language” written all over my face.”
For as long as I remember, I had issues with the use of the word “man” when a speaker in front of me actually refers to both women and men. Whenever the parable on …

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[26 Sep 2012 | 4 Comments | ]
A Complicated Matter: The Role of Women, Patriarchy in Egypt

Nadine Ibrahim
Cairo, Egypt
“Morsi’s conservative stance on the place of women in society is empathetic to the predominant Egyptian family model, but it is unrelated to the mounting mistreatment of women in the public sphere.”
A young Egyptian artist participating in a public art workshop put up posters around the city–one in Tahrir Square on the eve of elections–of an Egyptian man and woman holding hands and smiling. In each case, she returned to find that the posters were vandalized or torn down. Why? The friendly couple was mixed. In each image, …