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Voices from the Frontlines are first-person reports on what is happening around the world, how it impacts women, and how women are building cultures of peace. We encourage submissions from everyone, including YOU!

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[22 Aug 2012 | One Comment | ]
What About Her Achievements, Her Character, Her Voice?

Shae Keane
Nashville, Tennessee USA
“How are women to overcome the message that only their body matters and realize that their voice, their spirit, their mind matters more?”
A young toddler looks up at her mother as she watches her brothers’ soccer game. “I wish God had made me a boy,” she says. Astonished by such a statement, her mom responds, “Why is that?” She points her small finger and replies, “Because I want to do that.” Her mom answers, “Well, of course you can be a soccer player, honey.” She shakes her …

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[21 Aug 2012 | 3 Comments | ]
A Voice from Pakistan: Of Martyrs and Marigolds

Aquila Ismail
Karachi, Pakistan
“Each survivor owes it to those who do not survive to account for them.”
For forty years I wanted to write of the one bloody spring day when the land of my birth was no more mine. That soft, misty February morning dawned forty-five days after the sixteenth of December 1971, when East Pakistan, the land my parents had chosen as their home following the great partition of the Indian subcontinent, had become Bangladesh. And all those who had come to this land from India or had, like me, …

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[13 Aug 2012 | 2 Comments | ]
Dance: A Powerful Tool to Release Trauma

Sohini Chakraborty
Kolkata, India

“Kolkata Sanved’s approach has been developed to break prevailing boundaries of patriarchy by using dance as a vehicle for learning life skills, renewing a healthy mind-body relationship, addressing psychosocial handicaps, and developing new community bonds.”
I always had a rebellious streak in me since my childhood. That streak enabled me to protest and fight any hurdles I encountered. For example, in college I challenged authorities by forming a group to perform dance at cultural events in my conservative Islamic college—I persuaded them to allow the girls to dance. My …

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[10 Aug 2012 | 4 Comments | ]
Sikhism and Gender: One Traveler’s View

Amber Webb
New Delhi, India
“For me, the distinguishing characteristic is the philosophy of equality shared among men and women in Sikh culture.”
“It is a woman who keeps the race going; we should not consider women cursed and condemned, from women are born leaders and rulers.”
- Guru Nanak, Founder of Sikhism
Walking towards New Delhi’s main square, Connaught Place, a street vendor exposes himself and taunts me as I pass by. As a female walking alone in this over-populated city, it’s an opportunity for him to entertain his friends at my expense. …