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Voices from the Frontlines are first-person reports on what is happening around the world, how it impacts women, and how women are building cultures of peace. We encourage submissions from everyone, including YOU!

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[14 Jul 2011 | 10 Comments | ]
Nurture Your Love for Your Country

Alaha Ahrar
“People should nurture their love for their country but should also realize that patriotism and nationalism are two distinct concepts.”
Ever since I was a child, I have always dreamed of gaining an education, helping human beings and living as free as men in a peaceful environment, where there is no sign of war or callousness. As an Afghan youth I have always desired to see my homeland as a peaceful and civilized country because in a refined country, people can acquire …

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[13 Jul 2011 | 3 Comments | ]
After a Childhood of War and Violence, Hope

Editor’s note: Sister Marilyn Lacey, Director of Mercy Beyond Borders, sent us this story of Rebecca, a Sudanese woman who is the recipient of a Mercy Beyond Borders scholarship.   More information on the organization can be found below.
I am Rebecca, a Sudanese woman. When I was small, my mother carried me to a refugee camp in Adjumani, Uganda.  We worked hard: from 6 am until 6 pm my mother dug in the fields and I worked alongside her in the early morning. Then I would wash my legs …

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[7 Jul 2011 | No Comment | ]
Health as a Human Right

Franziska Kabelitz

“For my B.A. thesis I traveled throughout Germany, researching the challenges, opportunities, and limits women living without documents face when accessing health care services.”
Consider the following scenario: Yara* from Kosovo has been legally living in Germany for more than ten years. After having witnessed her three and five-year-old grandchildren facing continuous physical abuse by her son-in-law, she finally decided to take them with her to Germany. Ever since, the children have been living undocumented in Germany. Yara is now trying to obtain exceptional permission …

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[6 Jul 2011 | One Comment | ]
A New Idea for the Gaza Flotilla

Yvette Nahmia-Messinas
Editor’s Note: This week activists from around the world set out on a flotilla in an attempt to break the blockade of the Gaza strip and deliver humanitarian supplies.  On Tuesday, July 5, a Canadian boat was sent back, and a French ship was stopped on July 7.  Below, Yvette Nahmia-Messinas describes her idea of what an affective flotilla would look like.

In the best scenario, the flotillas could serve as a place …