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Our latest program, the Connection Point Dialogues, launched its pilot in the fall of 2012. It is a web-based facilitated dialogue opportunity for women  to engage in a cross-cultural learning process, discussing a variety of issues impacting the status of women both in Western societies and in predominantly Arab and Muslim societies. At a time when tensions remain high between these two regions, the Connection Point Dialogues will provide a chance for women to build sustainable relationships based on mutual respect and understanding.

This program is based on a curriculum developed by Peace X Peace, with the intention of serving a growing community of global citizens who are interested in reaching a better understanding of conflict and ways to engage in peacebuilding, particularly when it comes to the relationship between Western women and Arab and Muslim women.

Check out the following article for more information on the needs this program will meet, and some of the topics it will cover: Woman to Woman: Building Peace through Dialogue

We hope invite you to join us in this effort, either as a participant or a facilitator:

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