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Week of February 6

Muslimah Media Watch article: Using Islamic Identity Against Victims of Sexual Violence

Women’s Views on News features: Egypt group tracks female candidates’ experiences, an article on the findings of a study completed by Nazra for Feminist Studies

WeNews correspondent Hajer Naili writes about a Tunisian woman confronting language politics: Souid Opens Lingo of Lawmaking in New Tunisia

Egypt Today feature article by Hana Zuhair: Behind Bedroom Doors discusses marital rape and the legal system in Egypt

The View From Fez blog on Maha Haddioui - Morocco’s Number One Female Golfer on a Moroccan woman ‘making history on the golf course’

Muslimah Media Watch article: Niqabitch Did it Better

Week of January 30

Huffington Post article by Thelma Etim: Why Are Syrian Women Protesters ‘Invisible’ in Mainstream News?

Sahar Taman for The Huffington PostCommemorating the First Anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution From Several Vantage Points

Week of January 23

The Feminist Wire features article by guest contributor Neferti X. M. Tadiar: Why the Question of Palestine is a Feminist Concern

Nasawiya published a compilation of Gender Updates in the Arab World

In gulfnews.com: Bureau Chief Habib Toumi reports on 23 women among 286 candidates in Kuwait’s parliamentary elections

The Arab Digest summarizes a piece by Ghassan S’oud, an Al-Akhbar columnist on Sexual Harassment in Lebanon’s Parliament

Daily Star commentary by Rime Allaf: Women have been an essential component of the uprising in Syria

Week of January 16

World Bank video on Cactus Cooperative, putting women in charge of the lucrative business in Morocco: Money Grows on Cactus

Khaleej Times report: UAE women advance Education and Empowerment. Article highlights young Emirati #women leading the way on energy and climate change in the UAE

Bikya Masr staff report: Women of Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party meet with Tunisia’s Ennahda Party

Amazing Women Rock profiles Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al-Missnad of Qatar in Sheikha Moza (Educationist)

Amazing Women Rock features Nadia Al-Sakkaf: Yemen Through My Eyes

Oliver Holmes reports for Reuters: Libya drops election quota for women

From Bikya MasrTunisian becomes Lancome’s first Muslim face

In Demain OnlineUne femme à la tête d’un parti politique marocain

Week of January 9

Amna Al Haddad for The NationalSky’s the limit for parachuting women, the first Arab women’s skydiving team in the Gulf.

Catriona Davies for CNN International on women inmates of Baabda prison in Beirut: women political activists in Damascus

The View from Fez blog: Lingerie shops open another door for Saudi women at work

Voices of the Arab Spring blog on Abortion in the Middle East and North Africa

Women and Men participated in Fight Rape campaign organized by Nasawiya in Lebanon

Catriona Davies for CNN International on women inmates of Baabda prison in Beirut: women political activists in Damascus

The View from Fez blog: Lingerie shops open another door for Saudi women at work

FeministingNew ‘Men Can Stop Rape’ Ads Rock

Women News Network features article on women in Turkey: Women’s groups vow to improve bill on violence against women. Groups plan to meet with a minister to discuss a new bill addressing widespread violence against women in Turkey-almost half of women say they have experienced physical or sexual violence.

US Department of State Official Blog post by Elisabeth Kvitashvili: South Sudan Women Working to Overcome Food Insecurity

Week of January 2

Journalist Kelli Arena blog: Libya rape victims should be considered wounded combatants

Al Arabiya article: Libyan women assert their rights in society

The Daily Star reports that Hariri voices support for nationality rights for women

Online petition started on Go Petition: Free Bahrain Women

The New Zealand Herald report: Libya sets 10% quote for female MPs

Hanan Razek for BBC Arabic: Women of Tahrir: Frustration at revolution’s failures

Laila Lalami blog On Sexual Harassment

The Daily Star article: Lebanon women pump it up at local gas station. This article reports on opportunity offered to women by new gas station–the chance to work in a job that is traditionally male.

Week of December 26

Al Jazeera report: Egypt bans forced virginity tests by military

Abdullah Al-Shihri and Aya Batrawy for Huffington Post: Saudi Women To Vote Without Male Approval

Radio Des Nations Unies: Violences faites aux femmes: la mobilization de Rima Salah (redifussion)

Week of December 19

Marie-Louise Gumuchian for Reuters: Arab Spring puts women’s rights in the spotlight

For Common Ground News Service Nida’ Tuma reports on a One-of-a-kind debate on women’s rights in Palestine

UK Daily Mail post shocking images of the brutal treatment of women protesters by the Egyptian army in Day of shame in the Middle East: Female protesters beaten with metal poles as vicious soldiers drag girls through streets

Blog post for MuslimahMediaWatch Muslim Women and Freedom of Choice: Syrian Television vs. Cinema

Week of December 12

UN News Centre reports: UN-backed international centre for women in arts to open in Jordan

For Al Arabiya news, Dina Al-Shibeeb writes about Sahar al-Shamrani, the first Saudi woman set to reach the South Pole.

BBC News article My Business: Weaving independence for Moroccan women talks to Wafa Zerrouki, founder of La Femme Artisan, a business that employs low-income rural women in Morocco.

From bikyamasr independent news, Manar Ammar writesLebanese women fight for full citizenship. Women in Lebanon are protesting amendments added to the law of only granting Lebanese nationality to the father’s bloodline.

Al Jazeera reports on woman in #Saudi who was executed for sorcery. Amnesty has condemned the execution, and calls on Saudi to stop the practice.

France 24 report: Women’s rights ‘guaranteed’ says Tunisian PM. In this report, Prime Minister Hemadi Jebali speaks with the french news agency, guaranteeing that “Ennahda will be at the forefront of the fight to guarantee women’s rights in all fields – politically, socially and professionally.”

Rising Voices web blog on The Goal of Teaching 200 Yemeni Women to Blog

Week of December 5

WeNews commentator Paola Salwan Dahar writes, In Lebanon, Violence Between the Sheets Is Legal

Week of November 28

Women’s rights activist Amal Abdel Hadi talks to Women’s Learning Partnership about the upcoming elections and the future of women’s rights in Egypt. Amal explains If women do not get their rights, this is not a democracy

Al Jazeera report: Afghan woman jailed for being raped pardoned. A 21-year-old-woman who was raped by a family member but then jailed for adultery has been given a rare presidential reprieve.

Human Rights Watch posts Nadia
Khalife’s article: The Arab Spring: For women, some achievements, many disappointments in which she discusses women’s status in Tunisia and Egypt. In Tunisia, Khalife says despite gender parity law, women unlikely to be elected. For Egypt, Khalife expresses disappointment with distinction between women’s equality and process of democratization, which she says must go hand-in-hand. She voices concern about how constitutions with Islamic law provisions in both countries will impact women’s rights. Khalife’s hope for equality in the new governments lies with continuing women’s rights activism.

Report in The National: Children of Emirati mothers, expatriate fathers offered citizenship. Writers Wafa Issa and Rym Ghazal explain a recent development for women in the United Arab Emirates, based on a decree issued by the President, Sheikh Khalifa.

MidEastPosts.com features a post titled Of Women, Water and Sex: A Beautiful, Warm Film. This article discusses a heartwarming film set in Morocco La Source des Femmes.

Al Jazeera YouTube video report on Elections in Egypt: Women come out in full force for Egypt elections

Al Jazeera features an opinion piece by Intissar Kherigi who takes a look at Tunisia: The calm after the storm. Kherigi explains that the Islamist Ennahdha party is one of the most progressive in Tunisia in terms of female political representation and one of the most progressive worldwide.

In an article week for the Huffington Post this week, Sahar Taman reflects on her recent visit to Egypt, and from what she witnessed, Egyptians have no intention of allowing their revolution to be hijacked.

Week of November 21

GlobalGirl Media releases a video on Women and Politics in Morocco profiling four female candidates running for election in Morocco’s November 25 National Elections.

ArabianBusiness.com article by Shane McGinley saysMore women rising to the top in Gulf business and gives an overview of the challenges and opportunities related to women in the workforce.

GulfNews.com article Sky’s the limit for nation’s women judges by Senior Reporter Bassam Za’za’ details comments by Emirati women judges on UAE leaders’ support for women in judicial sector.

Khaleej Times report on Projects launched in Bahrain to empower women in business, including media and communication, photography and interpretation.

Common Ground News Service features Egyptian women continue the fight by Sally Zohney, who writes about the thousands of women standing up for their rights, and gives her take on Bothaina Kamel, the first woman in Egypt to run for president.

From Common Ground News Service Seeking real equality for Turkey’s women by Idil Aybars makes the case that legal reforms do not necessarily translate to real reforms.

In Arab News article Jobs bonanza for women P.K. Abdul Ghafour details the result of the Council of Ministers Cabinet meeting, in which steps were taken to activate existing laws related to creation of job opportunities for women.

In NY Times article For Women in Libya, a Long Road to Rights, Souad Mekhennet shares the reflections of several Libyan women on the road ahead.

Middle East Online article Yemeni women hope uprising will deliver rights by Katharine Helmore outlines views of Yemeni activists who discuss access to education and increased visibility and participation in the public sphere.

Huffington Post UK article by Chris Wimpress: Egypt Protests – Army Accused Of Horrific Crimes Against Women. Wimpress outlines Amnesty reports on torture of civilians and women, including death sentences, virginity tests, and beatings.

WeNews correspondent Maura Ewing says upcomingMoroccan Vote Puts Women’s Gains to Crucial Test. Ewing argues that implementation of constitutional reforms announced by the king back in June, will be determined by the outcome of upcoming Nov. 25 parliamentary elections.

NY Times contributor Louise Loftus asks if the glass is half full or half empty in Mixed Messages for Tunisian Women. Loftus spoke with several Tunisians who offered their views on the election of the moderate Islamist political party Ennahda.

Week of November 14

YouTube lecture by Women’s Rights Activist Shaista Gohir: Islamic Feminism-some myth busting

Mona Eltahawy writes for The Guardian Egypt’s naked blogger is a bomb aimed at the patriarchs in our minds

Al Arabiya news reports Saudi Arabia likely to field women athletes in 2012 Olympics

Hajer Naili’s commentary in Women’s eNews Tunisian Islamists, Women’s Rights: Watch and Wait

Charlotte Ashton for BBC News asks Iraqi women: Winners or losers in a war-torn society?

Khalil Bohazza for Labour Time Blog Women’s wages higher than men in private sector

Bahrain Freedom Movement reports Bahrain girl teen protester re-arrested in spite of health conditions

AMEinfo.com report on AMIDEAST, Citi Foundation to offer women’s entrepreneurship training in four countries including Kuwait, Morocco, Lebanon, and the UAE

In the USA Today article TLC premieres ‘All-American Muslim’ reality TV show Niraj Warikoo writes about the women of the series

In a commentary for The Daily Star Fatima Outaleb says Moroccan women advance deliberately in defense of their rights

On Arabnews.com Walaa Hawari reports that in Saudi Women intensify campaign against legal guardian

Week of November 7

From the Women News Network Fatima Outaleb reports that Gender laws Morocco uphold dignity and the rights of women

In Common Ground News Service Fatima Outaleb looks at Women’s rights in Morocco: from the private to public sphere

On OpEdNews.com A.E. Souaiaia writes about The Women Of Al-Nahda: Faces Of The New Tunisian Republic

Transcript published by Arabic Knowledge@Wharton Having Their Say: Women Protesters Emerge as a Force in the Arab Spring

Week of October 31

World Economic Forum reports Economic Equality Fails to Match Health and Education Progress for Women Worldwide, Study Released

In Reuters Women urged to put their stamp on Arab Spring

The Economist reports on women and the Arab awakening:Now is the time

By Emtyaz al-Mograbi for WeNewsPalestinian Women’s Radio Crosses Boundaries

Bahrain News Agency report: 
Princess Sabeeka receives a number of Bahraini sportswomen

In Waging Nonviolence Vanessa Oritz writes on Women in the frontline, women in the rear: the revolution in Syria

Tawfik Hamid writes for newsmax.comTunisia’s Islamic Party Offers Hope for Women’s Rights

Week of October 24

From Al Arabiya Amal Al-Hilali reports, Tunisia women activists accuse Islamist party of reneging pre-election promises

Al Arabiya reports French court backs nursery for firing veil-wearing employee

NY Times Op-Ed contributor Monica Marks asks Can Islam and Feminism Mix?

BBC News reports, Yemeni women burn veils in Sanaa in anti-Saleh protest

In Democracy Now headlines, From Tahrir to Wall Street: Egyptian Revolutionary Asmaa Mahfouz Speaks at Occupy Wall Street

Reuters slideshow depicting Women of the Arab Spring

PressTV reports Yemeni women call for Saleh ouster

Youssra el-Sharkawy asks Are women losing their rights? in the Egyptian Gazette

In Common Ground News Service Dr. Natana Delong-Bas writes about Women of the Arab Spring: their issues are everyone’s issues

From Common Ground News Service Shazia Kamal discusses Reaching new heights in women’s rights activism

Week of October 17

From Al Arabiya Hassan Al-Ashraf reports, Moroccan activists launch campaign against sexual harassment

Yasmine Ryan Reports on Tunisia’s election through the eyes of a woman in Al Jazeera

From Voice of America, Margaret Besheer reports on Tawakkul Karman, Nobel Laureate calling on the UN to stop violence in Yemen

In Common Ground News Service, Samar Fatany suggests steps women can take in Women in Saudi Arabia’s Shura Council, what next?

From the Common Ground News Service , Samah Hussain writes on Social Media-the new “must attend” school for Bahraini women.

Al Jazeera reports on Revolutionary Daughters, a film by Kate Taunton about unique women activists in India.

Week of October 10

From the Common Ground News Service, Rasha Dewedar calls for real women’s stories in Egyptian film.

Week of October 3

Sahar Taman writes about Tawakul Karman, first Arab woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in the Huffington Post

Week of September 26

In Huffington Post article Sabria Jawhar, Columnist for the Saudi Gazette, says that Saudi women owe voting rights to Arab Spring


Week of September 19

Stephanie Foster reports on Women and the Arab Spring: What’s Next? in the Huffington Post

Week of September 12

Vital Voices reports on MENA Women’s Leadership Fund Announced at Arab American Institute Gala Honoring Vital Voices

Week of September 5

From the Common Ground News Service, Fatima Sadiqi reports on gender and the new Moroccan constitution.

Week of August 12

Leen Zyiad writes in The New Yorker about “Hama’s Ghosts”

Week of August 8

Abraham Foxman urges that we Shout down the Sharia Myth Makers

IPS reports that Somali Women Bear Superhuman Burden

Journalist Michelle Chen, of Colorlines argues that “Famine Devastates Somalia in the Shadow of U.S. Domination.”

Week of July 24

From France 24, “Women bakers prepare for free Libya’s frst Ramadan”


On The Huffington Post, Asma Uddin and Michael Vincente Perez consider the role of men in religious terrorism.

Charlie Brooker, writing in The Guardian, condemns early reporting on the Oslo attacks that pointed the finger at Muslim terrorists.

Week of July 3

The Huffington Post reports on an Islamic convention in Chicago.

The Muslim Brotherhood begins to organize women into a Muslim Sisterhood in Eygpt. From On Islam.

Week of June 26

The Chicago Tribune reports that a change in the dress code of Olympic weightlifting competitions will allow Muslim women to participate.

The story of an honour killing on the West Bank in The Guardian

Clothing store Abecrombie and Fitch is being sued by an employee who was fired for wearing her hijab.

Week of June 12

ABC News checks in on a movement in Saudi Arabia to protest the ban on women getting behind the wheel .

Eman Al Nafjan writes about the unsustainability of a ban on women’s right to drive in Saudi Arabia in The Guardian .

Tom MacMaster reveals that he is the author behind the A Gay Girl in Damascus blog.

On The Electronic Intifada , Ali Abunimah presents new evidence about the ‘Gay Girl in Damascus’ hoax.
Week of June 6
Reuters reports that the Somali interior minister has been killed by a female suicide bomber.

From USIP: Libyan Forces Use Rape as Weapon of War.

Peace x Peace contributor Anna Therese Day is named Women’s Report Arabia’s Inspirational Women of the Week.

FIFA has banned headscarves for the Iranian women’s soccer team, reports The Washington Post.

The Huffington Post reports on the disappearance of the Syrian author of “A Gay Girl in Damascus.”

Haroon Siddique writes in The Guardian about a campaign to combat violence launched by a British Muslim women’s group.

Week of May 30

Heba Fahmy discusses the withdrawal of an Eygptian political youth group from talks in Cairo in Daily News Eygpt .

Sara AbuGhazal discusses virginity checks in Eygpt on sawt al niswa.

Week of May 16

Fatemeh Fakhraie talks about being an American Muslim woman.

Week of May 9

On FP Passport Elizabeth Dickinson asks “How can we explain the rape epidemic in Congo?”
A Gay Girl in Damascus reflects on the situation in Syria.

Read “Currents of Change for Women in Saudia Arabia” in Muslimah Media Watch.

Week of May 2

Yusra Tekbali writes “My Life as a Libyan-American Muslim Woman” in the Huffington Post.

Week of April 25

In The Guardian Haroon Siddique meets Muslim women confronting prejudice in their fight against extremism.

Week of April 18th

The Guardian explores how women been key players in the “Arab Spring” and questions if this means their rights will improve.

NPR explores Muslim women’s choice to unveil. The women say that the choice is highly private, emotional and religious.

The 27-year-old Bahraini human rights activist, Zainab al-Khawaja, told the Guardian that she has stopped her 10-day fast because the plight of her detained family is better highlighted if she uses her voice to support the protest movement.

Watch Democracy Now’s interview with pro-democracy activist in Bahrain, Zainab Alkhawaja, who is on the eighth day of a hunger strike that she vows to continue until her family members are released from government detention.

Week of April 4th

Ratna Osman, acting executive director of Malaysia’s Sisters in Islam, discusses the importance of working together to advance women’s rights at The Carter Center.

April 11 marks the start of the “Burqa Ban” in France. Read an article in the Guardian about one woman’s determined opposition.

Week of March 28th

elan: The Guide to Global Muslim Culture features an article about companies in Saudi Arabia encouraging female empowerment.

Read about the myths behind the entrenched beliefs that Muslims simply do not belong in the United States and that they threaten its security in the Washington Post.

CNN features an article with Muslim-American women discussing the headscarf as a source of pride.

Read about women’s participation in Yemen’s revolution in the Guardian article about Tawakul Karman and in the Institute for War & Peace Reporting where a young female Yemeni journalist writes about women finding their voice.

Week of March 21st

On OpenDemocracy Iranian women’s rights activist Shirin Ebadi talks about “Who Defines Islam?”

Women from Syria, Egypt, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Turkey  talk about “The Middle East Revolutions and their Impact on Women’s Rights” on Blog Talk Radio.

The “Women’s Voices Now” film festival – a collection of voices from women of all faiths living in Muslim-majority countries and Muslim women living as minorities around the world – is featured in the LA Times.

Week of March 14th

A referendum is being held in Egypt on Saturday to amend the constitution. Listen to this NPR story about the key role women are playing to educate the population about the constitution.

ArabianBusiness.com features an article about Arab women breaking the glass ceiling in business and a list of the world’s 100 Most Powerful Arab Women.

Will the revolutions in the Middle East help or hurt women? CNN features a country-by-country look at what the possible effects may be for women.

Ms. magazine reports that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and head of UN Women Michelle Bachelet will travel to Egypt and Tunisia to “stand firmly for the proposition that women deserve a voice and vote, and they deserve to be sitting at every table in their society.”

Week of March 7th

Follow the on-going coverage of the Congressional hearings on “The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community” on NPR.

Listen to Asra Nomani, Leila Ahmed, and Mona Eltahawy discuss the upcoming Congressional Hearings on NPR’s On Point.

Journalist Mona Eltahawy gives a moving presentation about the broader implications of democracy movements in the Arab world in this video.

Read “Women Fight to Maintain Their Role in the Building of a New Egypt” in the New York Times.

Week of February 28th

Dr. James Zogby talks about his new book, “Arab Voices: What They Are Saying to Us, and Why it Matters” at the New America Foundation.

In speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton praises Al Jazeera for offering “real news” that is effectively “changing peoples’ minds and attitudes.”

Watch this Al Jazeera segment that discusses how Arab women are often stereotyped as passive, voiceless, politically apathetic and religiously repressed yet have long been committed to fighting for a more equitable society.

Foreign Policy features a terrific video with female Egyptian activists and leaders discussing what the revolution means for them.

Listen to this story on Radio Netherlands Worldwide about how women form the core of the resistance in Libya.

Read “A Woman Leading Change in Yemen” on Middle East Online.

Week of February 21st

On Friday, February 25 UN Women hosted an important discussion on “Breaking new ground: Arab women and the path to democracy.” Watch the LIVE webcast here.

Follow “Arab Women in Revolution: Reports from the Ground” at Women’s eNews.

Week of February 14th

Listen to “Inside Washington’s Muslim Communities” on NPR’s Kojo Nnamdi Show.