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Misunderstanding between mainstream Americans and Muslims hurts both groups. We invite people of good will everywhere, whatever their ethnic or religious identity, to reach beyond their comfort zones to the members of other groups.

Extend your welcome; expand your world and someone else’s too. Let peace begin with you!

  1. Join the Peace X Peace Community, reach out to a Muslim sister or brother, and open a conversation. If you’re already a Community member, join the Connection Point Group or another group that’s new to you.
  2. Start a Peace Journal or a Forum in the Community on a topic that particularly interests you.
  3. Tweet or Facebook something that shows members of another faith in a favorable light.
  4. Invite a member of another faith for tea or coffee at home or out in the community.
  5. Schedule a visit to a school in your neighborhood to talk about your traditions. Invite friends of other faiths to do the same, and accompany each other.
  6. Invite an imam, priest, minister, or rabbi to speak to your congregation or civic group.
  7. Hold a Shoulder to Shoulder Campaign joint day of service in your community.
  8. Hold a Shoulder to Shoulder joint candlelight vigil.
  9. Hold a Peace Picnic or an interfaith Iftar, Seder, or Thanksgiving.
  10. Organize a youth sports team or scout group that includes young people from different faith traditions.
  11. Plan a series of cooking classes where women of various traditions can share the preparation of traditional foods.
  12. Join friends of other religions in fasting for one day during Ramadan (which begins Aug. 1), on Yom Kippur (Oct. 8), or for a day in Advent (Nov. 29 to Christmas).
  13. Pick a selection for your book club that reflects the experience of women in another culture.
  14. Go to 20,000 Dialogues and follow the instructions for a community film showing.
  15. Schedule a Headscarf Day and invite women in the community to wear head coverings as a sign of solidarity.
  16. Ask children to create solidarity messages in poetry, painting and drawing, posters, music, and film. Display the entries prominently around your community.
  17. Write a letter to the editor about the actions you’re taking, your real and virtual friendships with members of another group, or any relevant topic.
  18. If you’re traveling by air and you suspect someone is being pulled out of line or held up because of their ethnicity, tell TSA “Screen me too.”
  19. Form or join an interfaith council that is positioned to respond with one voice to any incident of discrimination in your community.
  20. Plan an Interfaith Solidarity Walk for Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011, or the weekend before the International Day of Peace on Sept. 21.


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