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End violence against women

Support the International Violence Against Women Act

On June 7th the International Violence Against Women Act was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives. We urge support of this bill because it puts the full weight of U.S. foreign policy behind preventing violence against women around the world. Please co-sponsor this legislation and show women in the United States and around the world that you stand against gender-based violence.

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24Rick HartJul 01, 2012
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18Mary AdjeiJun 15, 2012
17Shahnaz BokhariJun 15, 2012
16ramawater bhutiaJun 15, 2012
15Susan SaiyiorriJun 15, 2012
14Karen SmithJun 14, 2012
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7James GouldJun 14, 2012
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2alicia gonzalezJun 14, 2012
1Diane TillmanJun 14, 2012

If you haven’t yet signed our petition asking for a stronger Violence Against Women Act, you can do it now!

Support a strong Violence against Women Act

69 signatures

Ask your friends to support a strong Violence against Women Act too!

8 Comments to “End violence against women”
  1. Bridget Mulroy says:

    equal rights for ALL! This is what America is built upon!

  2. LeRoy R. Miller Jr says:

    Peace is for everyone not just a select few. Women should be heard and respected. The path is clear, Let your hearts lead you in the footsteps of our father in heaven. End the violence against all women now!

  3. Padma Jayaweera says:

    Please support to end violence against women and contribute to build up w omen’s dignity. Padma Jayaweera

  4. Bradley says:

    Worked all my life in the police field protecting woman and children from violence. No woman or child should be abused, no matter what culture or religion. We need to empower woman so that all these wars and violence stops.

  5. Susan Saiyiorri says:

    I am a victim of domestic violence…I suffered physically,emotionally,spirutually and all.I lost my self,my self value and human dignity.I walked with my head down and believed that I was good for nothing.
    I was able to break away from my marriage but after 15 years..I would so much want to help women who are going through what I went through.

  6. Misstreating women is imorale & unhumainly.

  7. Alicia says:

    This is a message for you, Susan. You are much more than a victim. You are a survivor! Congratulations on all you have accomplished already.

    Hold your head up high, and look for an organization that will position you to help other women. There are quite a number of them in the US and other Western countries, but I think every country has at least one.

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