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Our Print Media, highlighting the voices of women, come in online and offline formats. The following can be accessed electronically through our website:


The Original Dialogue- A Roundtable Discussionogue- A Roundtable Discussion

Patricia Smith Melton calls a three-day forum of six women experts in peace and women’s rights to answer the question, “What is peace, and how can women be empowered to create it?” The women of the Circle represent a mix of religious beliefs and cultures, and their conclusions will define the vision and founding principles and process of Peace X Peace. The Original Dialogue becomes the first step toward a global movement.

Excerpts available via PDF.

The Peace X Peace Blogs – women’s contributions to sustainable peace, breaking news and fresh analysis.

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Available in hardcover for purchase:

Sixty Years, Sixty Voices: Israeli and Palestinian Women

Spotlighting the lives of 30 Palestinian and 30 Israeli women from every walk of life, Sixty Years, Sixty Voices illuminates each woman’s deepest feelings, visions, and hopes for peace along with practical approaches they use every day to make peace a reality in their lives. The result is a mosaic of 60 different lifetimes of struggle, spirit, and sheer leaps of faith in one of the most war-torn regions of the world. Each profile is accompanied by an exquisite color photograph of the subject.

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