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[4 Mar 2013 | One Comment | ]
My Role in the Syrian Revolution

Dr. Rufaida Al Habash
Hama, Syria
“I am looking for a job, for a house, for freedom in my home, Syria.”
Married at the age of 18, I moved from Damascus to Hama in 1976. Religious freedom was in the city of Hama on its height, which encouraged me to start my work in my house, and actually began educating girls and interpreting Quran for them. Because of the bloody massacre and incidents of deadly violence that occurred in Hama in 1982, all religious activities stopped in mosques, all the lessons, and I …

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[28 Feb 2013 | No Comment | ]
B’more About Peace: An Interview with Ralph E. Moore Jr. (Part 1)

Nawal Rajeh interviewed Ralph E. Moore Jr., Community Organizer in Baltimore, MD, about his service to the community during a volatile time in US history. Read part 2 of this interview here.

As a lifelong activist and community advocate, tell us how you got started.
I first started doing service to the community when I was very young.  My mother made us go and do things for the neighbors for nothing. You’d be sitting out front and she’d say, “Get up, Boy, and help them to their door with their groceries.” The …

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[28 Feb 2013 | 4 Comments | ]
Why Many Men Don’t Embrace Equality…Yet.

Jeanine Prime, PhD and Mike Otterman
United States

“With MARC we are changing all this: we’ve built a community where members can explore gender from men’s perspectives and be empowered to establish better partnerships both within and across gender lines.”
Women earn less and progress more slowly up the corporate ladder than equally skilled men. So how do we close workplace gender gaps?
Almost a year ago, Catalyst launched MARC—Men Advocating Real Change—a virtual community for men committed to workplace equality and inclusion. We launched MARC because we believe that men have a critical …

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[26 Feb 2013 | Comments Off | ]
God and the Girl

Dima Saleh
Ramallah, Palestine
“When she awoke from her dreams in the morning she struggled with her fear of punishment by God, for breaking the rules and imagining him.”
She has known him since first grade. On the first day of school, she asked two of her classmates if she could play with them. To her surprise they asked her, “Are you Muslim or Christian?”
The question was as difficult for her as comprehending political jargon would be to a non- politician. She wondered to herself, “Muslim or Christian? Christian or Muslim? What do …

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